Mid-May Where Has the Month Gone? Post

There’s a lot going on over here, as referenced in this post, but as things speed up I’m even more committed to getting projects done.

See, I’m sitting on the love seat in the living room next to my queen mattress (propped up against the wall) and looking at the dog crates which need to be used at night again so I can get rest instead of being dive bombed by Nixon.


He looks cute and innocent but he can dive bomb.

There have been some small successes lately. For one, I found an affordable backup charger for my laptop so now when I want to go on a trip or work from the living room I don’t have to move my entire desk in the office to unplug the charger.

I’ve also started keeping a metal bowl out on the counter for food scraps throughout the day and then I dump it at night in the compost bin, add some water and give it a spin.

I’m even happy I finally managed to eat the manicotti noodles that I bought a year ago even though I didn’t make traditional manicotti, I was just happy to get them out of the pantry so they’d stop mocking me.

But there’s much more to accomplish this weekend so here are my goals and I’ll be back to update (with pictures as I go).

1) Spray paint the last set of door hardware with ORB – done

2) Mow and trim the front yard – done!


3) Continue to trim flowers, clean up dead leaves and add to the green waste bin – mostly done, always more to do

4) Clear and at least prep the office door for painting. Bonus points for getting the first coat done – done

5) Prep the kitchen stool for the final coat of paint – done and got it painted for an upcoming post

6) Move out all of the flower pots and clean them up – done

7) Trim the grass in the backyard and lay down fertilizer – grass is trimmed, fertilizer not yet done

8) Make another batch of lentil soup – done and in the freezer


Whew. I think I can get all of that done today if I stay focused and don’t get too tired. First up is feeding the dogs so they’ll stop barking at me and having something for breakfast myself.


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