May Goals

Well this year has been a whirlwind of travel thus far and it’s not over yet. But I am excited that the month of May means staying at home and getting sh*t done. Yes, that’s my company’s motto.

For the house that means tackling projects that are bugging me the most including:

  • replacing 3 more outlets in the bedrooms that were missed the first time (this is my OCD tendencies insisting they must all match and be upgraded to white)
  • replacing both toilets which have leaky seals and many problems
  • removing the lights and shelf in my bedroom so I can paint
  • removing the baseboards in the master bedroom for painting

And that’s just the short list as my Projects Page can attest. I would be sublimely happy to find an ORB faucet for the bathroom that didn’t cost $200 so I could replace the large, gangly, boxy cabinet and sink with my pretty, new pedestal sink. Which of course needs a faucet first.

The grass is growing and some of the bald spots are (slowly) filling in on the back yard but mostly this time of year the roses are blooming like crazy.


The mint has also overtaken the front yard:


And a few select tulips have survived and bloomed:


Due to the travel lately I’m really enjoying being at home and seeing everything bloom. Psssst for a lot MORE photography posts, including this amazing iris, check out my daily photography blog here:


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