Remodel in Arizona Part 2

So the real reason for my makeover duties was the guest room which started out looking like this:

air mattress and classy cardboard box side table

 This room was lovingly referred to as the “trash room.”

corner by the closet

 yeah… lots of stuff:

before the decrapification process

We picked up the bed frame, mattress, side support, and cross supports at Ikea to have them delivered 2 days later. So in the meantime I worked on the living room (full story here) and then cleaned out the guest room. Once the room was relatively clean I went out shopping.

I started by finding these pillow covers:

Covers: $1.50/ea at Goodwill
Insert: $10/ea at Wal-Mart

 I wanted these larger pillows for the bench seat and found two smaller accent pillows:

$4/ea at Goodwill

I will warn you that 98% of the time the linens at Goodwill or other thrift locations are not good. You’ll find lots of stains, fraying and ugly out there. So when you do find something suede, pretty and clean (do the smell test): buy it.

It was about this time the Ikea delivery arrived and I assembled the frame first. Of course I put the headboard by the door and the foot board against the wall so this is me moving it around:

it's surprisingly sturdy and light

And you can see the bookshelf turned bench here too:

Ikea frame: $100

Let’s talk about the bookshelf bench for a minute. I created a pinboard here with inspiration and this was a main component

We’d picked this one out and then, by the miracle that is Swedish design, found one at the As-Is section on sale:

$45 and it came assembled

 Here’s the bookshelf turned bench with the pillows:

bench with pillows

Isn’t it great? So great for storage on the bottom and comfy!

Now for more storage… no offense to the cardboard box but it had to go into the closet.

I had always envisioned a side table against the opposite wall so you could walk around the bed (makes it much easier to change sheets) and I set out to find an appropriate table.

Table: $35
Lamp: $16.50

The table is actually a metal vanity chair that I picked up at a thrift store in Phoenix. The lamp was purchased in pieces and is controlled by the light switch.  The lamp base came from Goodwill for $3 and I purchased the adjustable lamp shade bit for $5 at Wal-mart and the shade at a thrift store for $8.50.

For the table I added a blue tray from Target and found this great silver leaf tray from a thrift store for jewelry, keys, anything small:

Tray: $2.50
Silver leaf: $3.60

The blue comforter was an impulse buy from Ross but the price was right at $10.99:

The finished guest room

 So there you have it, the guest room is done! Once again I cleaned up most of the stuff by putting like things together, moving all the Christmas decorations into one box (which went to the laundry room) and using the shelves in the closet. Then it was just some vacuuming, dusting and furniture assembly.


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