Spring Time

Okay peoples, get ready.

It’s spring. We are ridiculously blessed. Most of us have camera.

Today a picture and a challenge: Get out of your house, walk outside and take a picture of something pretty or interesting. Anything. Get down on the grass and photograph a ladybug on a weed, or the bark of a tree, or the way the gutter water gushes into the drainage pipe.

Enjoy something small and share it with friends – link it here, add to Pinterest, post on Facebook, whatever floats your boat.

Here’s mine (straight out of the camera, no editing except rotating):


This picture isn’t perfect. My flower bed isn’t perfect. In fact I have to shoot around the piles of shit from the stray cats whom I can neither scare away or catch and donate to the animal shelter. I did get this shot crouching in the bushes next to my neighbor’s house looking a lot like a felon and I have the muddy knees as proof.

Don’t overthink, don’t worry about editing, just go find something pretty.

And if you’re hiding in the bushes make sure you tone down the creepy. No need to get arrested.


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