Oh, Pinterest

Thanks to Pinterest I’ve found I am getting more done with projects around the house. As per usual, I can’t choose just one to do at a time so suffice it to say I’m working on my jewelry storage, making covers for the dog crates, refinishing a step stool, covering boxes and making pillows.

I’m working on plans to remodel the master bathroom and that means organizing the cabinets so that I can tear out my main source of storage and still keep everything looking good.

This can so count as my William Morris challenge for the last week since I’ve been cleaning up the bathroom and this organizer below has been emptied entirely!


In cleaning the bathroom I’ve noticed how much of everything I have… this definitely traces back to college when I tried, unsuccessfully, to duplicate my “basics” so I wouldn’t have to haul things from college to home every 6 months. But still, who needs 8 bottles of lotion? Or 3 big bottles of mouth wash? And so much lip gloss.

This was of course compounded when I moved in with Grandma and Grandpa and, when they went to assisted living full time, I inherited all of their half finished bottles of things. The frugal side of me wants to keep stuff and “use it up” but the practical side of me knows I could gloss up my lips for the next 10 years and not run out of this stuff!

Some things I’m able to upcycle/recycle and that’s good. Like soap. I hate bar soap but have a good 20 bars. So in small batches I’m turning my bar soap into liquid soap. I just refilled the soap pump in my shower and I’m still not done using soap I made in August. I mentioned in the post linked above that I can make over 800 cups of liquid soap and since it doesn’t go bad it’ll be awhile before I run out. Each bar has already been opened/handled so I wouldn’t feel comfortable donating it.

I already donated the unopened boxes of floss, toothpaste, mouthwash and anything else I could find. Now I’m just steadily using up everything else in a maddeningly slow fashion since I am trying to use fewer products and less of in each case.

For example, the small floss tool I have means not using a foot of floss every night but now it’s taking forever to finish a container! (see how great this is for frugal me and maddening for organizer me?)

So upcoming posts include:

  • new jewelry storage
  • cleaning out makeup
  • remodeled step stool
  • new covers for the dog crates
  • more glass jar projects
  • organizing tupperware

And next up, the recipe and step by step directions for my lentil soup recipe. So good!


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