Pinterest Throwdown 2012

That’s right, this time I’m ready for ya. Once again I decided to tackle a few smaller, more manageable, projects in order to keep the inspiration going and look more accomplished.

Mission Accomplished.

Also, I’m up to my elbows in dust from the ceiling project so I had to plan ahead to keep this from preventing my participation.

Project #1 – Chalkboard Rules

Here’s the inspiration pin (source):

PhotobucketI’m not really big on chalkboard paint for drinking glasses. Feels a bit… chalky when you’re trying to get your party on. So instead I worked on the glass jars from my cabinet and used them to label all the dry goods I have in my china cabinet.

I started by using painter’s tape on the bottom of the jars around a natural lip and then pulled out the chalkboard paint. It took a few coats to get the paint even and thick but they were quick to dry.

Painted and dried, filled with lentils, popcorn seeds and beans:

PhotobucketAnd, because I like to try new things, I also painted the glass on these bottles that began as Italian soda from the grocery store and now hold my laundry soap & softener:

PhotobucketI like these smaller bottles better for my soap because it’s easier to pour and stays a lot cleaner than the giant bottles from Costco. The glass has a natural depression where the label was and with a little painters tape I was able to make these really easily:

PhotobucketOf course the chalkboard paint means it’s easy to relabel these for use with dishwasher soap or anything else when they’re re-purposed. And yes, the big jug from Costco really does fill up 4-6 of these taller bottles.

Project #2 Paint Chip Art

This is such a Pinterest project… it’s free, comes from the hardware store and is endlessly customizable.  Here’s the inspiration pin (source):

But I liked the style of this one more (source): Photobucketand of course I loved Sherry’s version here: Young House Love

I grabbed a boatload of paint chips during a going out of business sale. The location was closing and they had already closed the paint center so I just swept through and found a bunch of paint swatches in similar hues. Not knowing how big my piece would be I found out I needed a few more yellow which I picked up later at Home Depot.

Using a small candle jar seal (the plastic piece that fits on the lid of the glass jar) I traced two sizes of circles on the paint chips. Of course if you have a fancy puncher or cutter thingy it would be easier but I’m low tech. Trace in pencil, cut, clean up with an eraser. Easy peasy.

I decided to pop this project into a frame I bought some time ago for the guest room and it took me just about an hour to layer the circles how I wanted them. I worked my way in from the corners, overlapping as I went and used double sided tape to secure.

PhotobucketAfter it was done I trimmed the edges so it would fit back in the frame and popped it under the glass. The middle is quite a bit thicker than the edges but I like the effect. It’s a little like fish scales.

Now, what project should I tackle next? Here are the contenders:

a) my antique step stool which needs a fresh coat of paint
Photobucketb) covering the dog crates with cute covers

Photobucket  c) Continue knocking out 2-3 smaller projects each time with the items I have on hand

Vote and let me know what you want to see next!


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