Dudette Challenge part 2

Hello again, Dudette Challenge!

Finally, after months of planning and days of sanding I have finished the canvas print for my large photo wall as referenced in this post. While my nails have not recovered from being ground to bits, it was all worth it as the approximately 700 coats of black paint went on so smoothly.

The paint process was fun, if long, and took the entire can of glossy black spray paint. I used strawberry baskets to prop up the frame and I could get the edges without adhering the frame to the cardboard.

The trick is lots of even, thin coats from all different angles. Especially with a detailed frame like this one you’ll want to get the sides, dips and curves without missing any areas. By waiting an hour or two between coats I could easily pick it up and rotate as needed.

PhotobucketWhen done I took off the painters tape but noticed some black paint on the innermost layer. So I made it uniform around the print and think it looks great.

I laid out the print and you can see it’s quite a bit larger than the canvas size. This allowed me to center the image on the canvas and lay down the modge podge evenly before applying the print. Once it was on and centered I laid it upside down and smoothed the canvas down.

PhotobucketHere’s a detailed shot of the inner mat:

PhotobucketAnd the (nearly) final image:

PhotobucketI will still need to trim the excess photo around the canvas so it will fit snugly in the frame. Then I’ll add a final layer of matte modge podge to the top of the image to protect it from damage and black paint around the canvas edge like this inspiration post.

This is going to look so nice sitting on the floor in the guest room until I finish my master bedroom….

In other good news I finished another project! This one by spray painting lots of bottles and caps.

So I have a favorite pasta sauce. It comes from Costco and when they stopped selling it I was so disappointed. 3 jars for $7 or $4 a jar at the grocery store? Costco is awesome though and they brought it back causing me to stock up.

As a result I have a whole bunch of jars, the same size and worked on removing the labels with hot water in the kitchen sink. So I grabbed my favorite Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and gave them a quick coat for uniformity:

PhotobucketAnd then filled the jars with lentils, dry beans, pasta and rice. Here they are in the cabinet and here they are with my new favorite lentil soup: Photobucket

Yep, that’s one batch of the amazing soup and it lasts for weeks! It’s great to have storage handy that’s capable of handling dry storage, the fridge and the freezer.


2 thoughts on “Dudette Challenge part 2

  1. i love that sauce too! and i save the jars for reuse. you can also spray paint the entire outside and put oil of your choice in them, and herbs. put them in the cabinet for a few weeks and you then have nicely flavored oils that you can put in smaller ‘show’ decanters for use and the light stays out of the original batch and helps it ‘keep’ longer.

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