Dudette, Finish That Project

I’ve been reading and laughing as Sherry at Young House Love has been busting through her ‘Dude, get on that already’ challenge to clear out her extra room of projects. Primarily, apparently, faux animals which are now flocking and gathering around her home.

Of course I laugh because I don’t have a spare room so my projects are all over the house. Here are the ones I finally got around to tackling:

a) Mirror, mirror in the garage

Back in the fall I picked up a $4 dorm style mirror for the guest room, happily hanging it with command strips behind the door. That was short lived as a crash and a crack and then glass everywhere. Boo. So I tossed the mirror and months later picked up a smaller, white mirror to hang. But it’s been sitting in the garage for months now until I stumbled across it still with the $6 price tag. But my notes tell me it was 50% off so yay me for finding a cheap replacement to the broken mirror!


It was pretty dirty but I was able to remove the frame so I could clean the glass and that little gap where dirt accumulates. A little goo-gone and windex and it was all shiny and ready to be hung.

But with the shuffling of wall hangings in the guest room I no longer had space behind the door. I didn’t particularly like the way this frame looks in the room and needs to be re-centered anyway so it came down:

Photobucketand the mirror went up:

Photobucketb) What’s that platter say?

I picked up a few of these silver platters around Christmas time and then ran out of time to transform them. With a few easy coats of chalkboard paint I turned them into handy message boards. The chalkboard coat is hard to see here but it only took two coats to cover well:

PhotobucketInstead of leaving them to lean against the mantle or a bookshelf, I decided to hang these in the kitchen. I grabbed the Rubbermaid container of miscellaneous ribbons and found two in black. I looped and cut the ribbon and hot glued it to the backs.

PhotobucketThen hung both platters on the pantry end for notes:


Yep, that’s a reminder that I need to make another batch of soup this weekend. Which reminds me of the next project that demands my attention…

The second project could totally count for the Pinterest challenge but I’ve got a few other reveals when that comes up again. I have a lot of projects to finish! What are you working on this weekend?


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