Bathroom Planning Update

The last time we spoke of the ugly and not even half completed master bath was way back in October. So let’s revisit, with a state of the bathroom, shall we?

  • ugly flooring
  • cracking sink
  • too large cabinet
  • leaking toilet
  • ugly shower stall
  • harsh lighting

Nothing like a challenge to get me motivated, huh?

Well in the months since that post I’ve made a little progress, most notably on the sink! Back in December I was visiting my parents which included a two hour jaunt to OSH, a local hardware chain. This particular location was going out of business so my Dad had been stalking their clearance mark downs like a lioness after a deformed antelope.

I’ll leave you with that mental picture for a moment.

Anywho, on this trip we not only picked out a great light for the guest bath but I found a new sink!

Decision Made: Sink

It’s a white pedestal sink, one of the many types I’d picked out a possible style in this post. Best part was the discounts made it incredibly affordable! Still need to pick out a faucet to match the oil rubbed bronze accents in the room but I’ve got time to find a nice one.

Decision Made: Walls

The second decision I made was to add bead board to the walls. Primarily because I have no idea what fresh hell we’ll uncover once we remove the counter top which is affixed to half of the wall space but also because it’ll add a cool visual element.

This means that I’ll likely not use the same baseboards as the main bathroom but maybe a simple quarter round at the bottom. Although in some tutorials it does show the full trim at top and bottom of the bead board:
PhotobucketBut really, these tutorials usually leave me dazed and confused. Such as:

Expert advice: Paneling needs to be acclimated to the location where it will be installed for at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the installation.

What does that mean? Acclimated? Should I leave the bead board panels alone in the bathroom so they get used to the idea? Do we have short visits so the panels are unafraid when they meet the wall on installation day?

And of course it doesn’t say if you install the bead board from the floor up and then layer on the baseboards or if you do baseboards and bead board on top. Is it really that hard to specify?

Next decision: Flooring

I really would like white linoleum floor tiles in here, both to offset the dark fixtures and to match the bead board and trim which will be white. There’s a little tile store halfway between my house and my Grandpa’s assisted living home (a whole 2 miles away) that I visited to check out the pricing and options available but alas it is closed all weekend.

The goal is to spend no more than $1 per square foot on some very simple white tiles, no grout, with little to no texture. The divets in linoleum attract so much dirt and I am not scrubbing floors. No siree.

Because I would like to replace the floors from the hallway throughout the 3 bedrooms with a click-in-place dark hardwood looking laminate, I know that I’ll just need the linoleum for this bathroom and possible the guest bath as well.

Total square footage: 100ish meaning my budget goal is $100

Next decision: Shower stall

In a very happy accident, I found a fabric shower curtain in new condition at the thrift store this week! I initially thought it was a blanket that I could hack up for a project but now I might hack it up for a shower curtain.

It’s still too short, just at 6′ so it won’t go up to the ceiling as I intended to create a long, lean illusion and cover up the ugly shower stall door. I’m checking tutorials in Pinterest like this one to see if I can make the curtain half as wide and taller in a cool ruffle fashion to get the design I want:

 PhotobucketThere are also a bunch of little decisions that I’ll need to make such as:

  • can I derustify or replace the ring around the new shower head?
  • will the shower stall floor ever look clean?
  • what kind of light do I want over the mirror and sink?
  • should I add a can light to the shower stall?
  • where can I buy half a toilet?
  • since I’m losing the cabinet where shall the toilet paper be dispensed?
  • what kind of open shelving should I look out for?
  • should I consider a long shelf for towels above the toilet?

Also, after I get the texturing done on the ceilings and buy ceiling paint I’ll also do the bathroom ceiling which has not yet been touched. While I’m up there prepping I’ll refresh the paint on the vents or replace them entirely. It’s weird the things you notice when hoarding the hot water in the shower… like the yellowish vent fan cover which is so, so tacky.

The goal is still to have this room done sometime over the summer. Considering I’m still locating a few items (faucet, toilet, shelving) and need to save up for other updates (flooring, bead board, baseboards) it is going to be a few months more. Add in coordinating my Dad’s time at the house and that I’m traveling out of state 3 more times before summer and this might be a long delayed project.


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