Bathroom Planning Update

The last time we spoke of the ugly and not even half completed master bath was way back in October. So let’s revisit, with a state of the bathroom, shall we?

  • ugly flooring
  • cracking sink
  • too large cabinet
  • leaking toilet
  • ugly shower stall
  • harsh lighting

Nothing like a challenge to get me motivated, huh?

Well in the months since that post I’ve made a little progress, most notably on the sink! Back in December I was visiting my parents which included a two hour jaunt to OSH, a local hardware chain. This particular location was going out of business so my Dad had been stalking their clearance mark downs like a lioness after a deformed antelope.

I’ll leave you with that mental picture for a moment.

Anywho, on this trip we not only picked out a great light for the guest bath but I found a new sink!

Decision Made: Sink

It’s a white pedestal sink, one of the many types I’d picked out a possible style in this post. Best part was the discounts made it incredibly affordable! Still need to pick out a faucet to match the oil rubbed bronze accents in the room but I’ve got time to find a nice one.

Decision Made: Walls

The second decision I made was to add bead board to the walls. Primarily because I have no idea what fresh hell we’ll uncover once we remove the counter top which is affixed to half of the wall space but also because it’ll add a cool visual element.

This means that I’ll likely not use the same baseboards as the main bathroom but maybe a simple quarter round at the bottom. Although in some tutorials it does show the full trim at top and bottom of the bead board:
PhotobucketBut really, these tutorials usually leave me dazed and confused. Such as:

Expert advice: Paneling needs to be acclimated to the location where it will be installed for at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the installation.

What does that mean? Acclimated? Should I leave the bead board panels alone in the bathroom so they get used to the idea? Do we have short visits so the panels are unafraid when they meet the wall on installation day?

And of course it doesn’t say if you install the bead board from the floor up and then layer on the baseboards or if you do baseboards and bead board on top. Is it really that hard to specify?

Next decision: Flooring

I really would like white linoleum floor tiles in here, both to offset the dark fixtures and to match the bead board and trim which will be white. There’s a little tile store halfway between my house and my Grandpa’s assisted living home (a whole 2 miles away) that I visited to check out the pricing and options available but alas it is closed all weekend.

The goal is to spend no more than $1 per square foot on some very simple white tiles, no grout, with little to no texture. The divets in linoleum attract so much dirt and I am not scrubbing floors. No siree.

Because I would like to replace the floors from the hallway throughout the 3 bedrooms with a click-in-place dark hardwood looking laminate, I know that I’ll just need the linoleum for this bathroom and possible the guest bath as well.

Total square footage: 100ish meaning my budget goal is $100

Next decision: Shower stall

In a very happy accident, I found a fabric shower curtain in new condition at the thrift store this week! I initially thought it was a blanket that I could hack up for a project but now I might hack it up for a shower curtain.

It’s still too short, just at 6′ so it won’t go up to the ceiling as I intended to create a long, lean illusion and cover up the ugly shower stall door. I’m checking tutorials in Pinterest like this one to see if I can make the curtain half as wide and taller in a cool ruffle fashion to get the design I want:

 PhotobucketThere are also a bunch of little decisions that I’ll need to make such as:

  • can I derustify or replace the ring around the new shower head?
  • will the shower stall floor ever look clean?
  • what kind of light do I want over the mirror and sink?
  • should I add a can light to the shower stall?
  • where can I buy half a toilet?
  • since I’m losing the cabinet where shall the toilet paper be dispensed?
  • what kind of open shelving should I look out for?
  • should I consider a long shelf for towels above the toilet?

Also, after I get the texturing done on the ceilings and buy ceiling paint I’ll also do the bathroom ceiling which has not yet been touched. While I’m up there prepping I’ll refresh the paint on the vents or replace them entirely. It’s weird the things you notice when hoarding the hot water in the shower… like the yellowish vent fan cover which is so, so tacky.

The goal is still to have this room done sometime over the summer. Considering I’m still locating a few items (faucet, toilet, shelving) and need to save up for other updates (flooring, bead board, baseboards) it is going to be a few months more. Add in coordinating my Dad’s time at the house and that I’m traveling out of state 3 more times before summer and this might be a long delayed project.


Dudette, Finish That Project

I’ve been reading and laughing as Sherry at Young House Love has been busting through her ‘Dude, get on that already’ challenge to clear out her extra room of projects. Primarily, apparently, faux animals which are now flocking and gathering around her home.

Of course I laugh because I don’t have a spare room so my projects are all over the house. Here are the ones I finally got around to tackling:

a) Mirror, mirror in the garage

Back in the fall I picked up a $4 dorm style mirror for the guest room, happily hanging it with command strips behind the door. That was short lived as a crash and a crack and then glass everywhere. Boo. So I tossed the mirror and months later picked up a smaller, white mirror to hang. But it’s been sitting in the garage for months now until I stumbled across it still with the $6 price tag. But my notes tell me it was 50% off so yay me for finding a cheap replacement to the broken mirror!


It was pretty dirty but I was able to remove the frame so I could clean the glass and that little gap where dirt accumulates. A little goo-gone and windex and it was all shiny and ready to be hung.

But with the shuffling of wall hangings in the guest room I no longer had space behind the door. I didn’t particularly like the way this frame looks in the room and needs to be re-centered anyway so it came down:

Photobucketand the mirror went up:

Photobucketb) What’s that platter say?

I picked up a few of these silver platters around Christmas time and then ran out of time to transform them. With a few easy coats of chalkboard paint I turned them into handy message boards. The chalkboard coat is hard to see here but it only took two coats to cover well:

PhotobucketInstead of leaving them to lean against the mantle or a bookshelf, I decided to hang these in the kitchen. I grabbed the Rubbermaid container of miscellaneous ribbons and found two in black. I looped and cut the ribbon and hot glued it to the backs.

PhotobucketThen hung both platters on the pantry end for notes:


Yep, that’s a reminder that I need to make another batch of soup this weekend. Which reminds me of the next project that demands my attention…

The second project could totally count for the Pinterest challenge but I’ve got a few other reveals when that comes up again. I have a lot of projects to finish! What are you working on this weekend?

Photo Wall Post #30

It seems like this is the never ending project but I’m enjoying it!

I finally took down all of the photos in my bedroom in preparation for working on the ceiling and painting. To refresh memories here’s what the wall looked like last week:


And this is the frame that I decided to paint black and replace the canvas in:

PhotobucketIn this close up view you can see it’s mostly cream with a yellow inset right before the burlap layer. I’ll be covering the burlap layer with painters tape and am considering keeping it in tact for now.

PhotobucketAfter two days of sanding the frame this is how it looks:

Photobucketit’s very smooth to the touch and ready to paint. I used compressed air to get rid all of the dust and prepped it to be spray painted black. It’s lying here on a spare sheet so I could contain some of the dust but I’ll be spray painting outside.

and I’ve chosen the picture which would probably work well with the yellow but I think will look even nicer with the black frame: PhotobucketOf course none of the pictures will be going back up for awhile because the room looks like this: PhotobucketThe furniture has migrated to other rooms, the black tarp scares my dogs when they walk across it, that scaffold is scary and the ceiling is about to get a makeover.

Here’s my to do list, for the folks cheering me on at home:

  1. scrape off popcorn texture across 12′ vaulted ceiling while attempting not to fall from the scaffold
  2. Sand, patch and somehow prep the ceiling (details to be determined by experts at Home Depot)
  3. Paint the ceiling
  4. Wash the walls and remove outlet and switch plate covers
  5. Remove the baseboards, take down lights and remove shelf
  6. Prime the walls for painting
  7. Paint the walls final color (it’s a surprise)
  8. Paint the primed baseboards white, cut and install
  9. Frame out the sliding glass door so it looks pretty
  10. Rehang shelf, install lights and outlet/switch plate covers
  11. Deep clean the carpet
  12. Move the furniture back in
  13. Rehang pictures and curtains
  14. Drink large margarita

Considering that my color choices have thus far been bold : red (kitchen), green (office) and blue (guest room), you can reasonably expect there will be no beige in this room. I love crisp white paint to offset the darker colors and I’ll also be looking for a new light to hang.

While the ceiling fan is handy for summer, it wobbles terribly if not on the lowest setting making me believe I’ll be decapitated like a villain from an Indian Jones movie and if I use the CFL light bulb then the globe does not fit on the light leaving me with very harsh lighting. All in all, it’s a terrible overhead light.

Because my furniture is strewn all over the house (thank god I got the bigger bed for the guest room so I can sleep comfortably during this process) I have been thinking of ways to update the miscellaneous pieces that make up this room.

The headboard was $9 so even my dad, lover of natural wood furniture, can’t complain if I paint it. Also, the bookshelf I got at Ikea’s ‘as-is/clearance’ section was cheap enough that I can easily update it with new paint or a fun design without stress. I’m even considering doing an update on my Hemnes dresser like this awesome Ikea hacker did.

So if you’re wondering what I’m up to at night after working with clients and building my business I’ll probably be found up on the scaffold, covered in dust or paint or otherwise working on one of a dozen projects so that I can finish the master bedroom.

After all, I need to have it done so I can start on the master bathroom this summer.

Home Again

Thanks to a week of travel and then a week catching up at home, I’m way behind on the William Morris challenge so I’ll start blogging again soon.

Today I’ve been working on a few projects that have been on my list for a long time. First is scraping the popcorn ceilings in the hallway which will then need to be sanded, prepared, and painted before I’m done.

Second project is going through 27 years worth of paper, recycling, shredding, scanning and filing. Seriously, everything from my birth certificate to last week’s water bill is in my office and there’s too much of it!

If I can eliminate the paper trail, I will but so much must be saved for tax purposes so I want it filed into banker’s boxes and stored in the garage. With backup copies on CD of course.

And, I think my third project is going to be this picture:


which I think is just perfect for my canvas frame in the master bedroom. Once I get it printed at Costco I’ll need to transfer it to canvas, prep and paint the frame and put it all together on the photo wall. One step closer to that project being done!