Day 5 & 6 William Morris Challenge

Well there was an almost absolute certainty I wouldn’t be blogging every day thoughout this challenge, if for no other reason than I’m easily bored. So here are two days of challenge material for ya! Read more about the whole challenge here.

Day 5: Garage – Origins

I’m assuming that the garage will play heavily in this 30 day challenge as it is one of my most utilized spaces but also very industrial. See, I don’t entertain in the garage often so it doesn’t have to be pretty, just functional.

Here are some areas I plan to tackle:

    • laundry area
    • gardening shelves
    • recycling corner
    • tools
    • screws, nails & misc storage
    • garden tools

This is what I see when I go out to the garage:

PhotobucketSo I’ve pretty much got the work cut out for me! Today I started with the nails, screws, hangers and such. I’ve used this a lot recently in rehanging pictures in the guest room and a quilt in the living room but I’m bad about putting things away.

PhotobucketI cleaned things up and got the loose pieces put away before moving on the the other side:

PhotobucketI also pulled out a whole stack of strawberry baskets which I can recycle at the co-op. I dusted the shelves and now this space is done!

Day 6: Bathroom Caddy

Then, Day 6 came along and I decided to clean out the caddy in my bathroom. It fits right by the bath so I have a bunch of bath soaps, gels, bombs, crystals and such on hand. Here’s what it was like before, with a few new items thrown on top:

PhotobucketWhile cleaning things out I decided to take the seals off everything so it would be easier to use. And the dogs got curious:

not quite sure about this

Those noses, they get into everything.

lemme smell it...

Here’s the after, not very dramatic I know but at least it’s clean and everything there is useful!

PhotobucketI’ll be back with more of the challenge and cleaning/decluttering soon. Again, I can’t promise daily updates but I will be working on this every day.

See Day 4’s task of cleaning out the kitchen utensils here.


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