Day 4: More Kitchen Cleaning

Welcome to Day 4 of the William Morris Challenge! Not sure who William Morris is and what this challenge is all about? Read more here.


Okay, it’s winter, it’s cold, it recently rained inside my house and I have ants. Really? Don’t those little idiots realize there is plenty of water outside and probably dead bugs to eat? Instead they’re inside finding containers with loose seals and making me mad.

So today I continued the William Morris challenge in the kitchen by going through my utensils. I’ve always kept these out on the counter for a few reasons. a) I only have 4 drawers in my kitchen and that space is valuable. Not going to use it for a bunch of bulky stuff. b) the deeper drawers are for pots and pans so I don’t have to hang them from my ceiling or other nonsense.

Because my utensils stay out, I had to find a better solution than jamming 50 things in one container and I found these cool teal containers at thrift stores over the past year. One is technically a vase but I don’t care.

I’ve kept them on a white Ikea tray so it’s easy to move everything when the ants attack or it starts leaking water in the house.

PhotobucketBut now that Christmas is done and I’m moving around all my trays and such I decided to use this red tray from Target:


You can see that I’m grouping like items together so I know where to find a spatcula or whisk.

For the larger containers I use glass jars inside to help the utensils stand up straight (and not end up cross ways on the bottom):

PhotobucketThe short container here holds all the stuff that used to clutter up my silverware drawer like a can opener, potato peeler, pizza cutter, etc. This is just the right size:

PhotobucketI found much more here that I could give away. While I like having a variety of tools I had to admit that I don’t use some very often and others are falling apart. Why do spatulas melt and always look like someone has been chewing on them?

Oh well, here are the items which are going out:

PhotobucketAs well as some of the office stuff I pulled out to donate on Day 1 of the Challenge:

PhotobucketIt’s been good to clear some stuff out, even a little at a time. Yesterday I cleaned up the kitchen hutch/cabinet thingy and put away decorations on the top. See that post here.

Tomorrow is Saturday so I might open up the garage and tackle some of the spaces out there. Of course there’s a twin bed frame, mattress, sink, toilets, lights and couch in the middle of the garage so who knows how much room I’ll have to clean?!


2 thoughts on “Day 4: More Kitchen Cleaning

  1. how will you survive without your easy button?? sure wish i were closer, i love your gravy boat in the out-going pile!

    keep up the great work!

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