Day 3: Uncluttering Decorations

It’s day 3 of the William Morris Challenge (details and day 1 decluttering here) and I’ve already had that sense that I should burn down my house and run away. You know, become a minimalist who lives in a shed on a beach. But then I remember that I like stuff, it’s just that I want my stuff to be pretty and function and make me happy (ooo pretty!) and not frustrated (dang dust!). So I put down the matches and poured a glass of wine, contemplating a less cluttered existance.

It’s a scary thing to be inside my head.

Anywho… this was the space I tackled today:

PhotobucketThis is the top of my cabinet in the dining area with a bunch of decorations and stuff that was leftover from Christmas that I just threw up there. Oh, that did not sound good…. anywho, I moved somethings out, put a few things below in the cabinets and rehung the picture in the corner so it’s level with the other one. Here’s the after:

PhotobucketI found this bread basket at Target and added the place mats to it since I hate french bread. Not that it’s not yummy, but I cannot buy it because it becomes hard as a rock or moldy before I can finish the loaf and thus, I hate it.

PhotobucketThe cabinet itself was pretty cluttered looking, probably because I stack snacks in there instead of putting them in the glass containers:

PhotobucketIgnore the angle, once again drunk camera. Or, if you assume the green tin that says HERBS has actual herbs in it, you can assume the camera has a contact high. Not that it does.

I like this cabinet. I even touched up the paint in the fall so it is pretty much “done” although I do need to fix the knobs and make the doors close better. So instead of worrying about that I just emptied the shelves, wiped down with a rag and restocked everything.

The glass jars with shelf stable food is great, definitely keeps my closed door pantry much more organized when there’s less stuff crammed in. And all the canned goods live outside in the pantry shelving Dad built me. Oh, and I can tell I didn’t dust the tops of these very well!

PhotobucketSo this space is both useful and pretty, per the William Morris quote. The bottom of the cabinet is pretty full, it holds all of my china, place mats and bowls. Pretty handy piece of furniture for the kitchen and it was only $20 plus paint.

Probably the last “project” I need to finish for this space is labels for the glass containers. Just in case idiots come to dinner and can’t figure out that there are whole and sliced almonds or cannot figure out what a lentil is. But that’s not so much a project for this challenge so I can wait on it.

Still not sure what I’m going to work on tomorrow and honestly, I probably won’t know until I open up a new post and look around the house until something annoys me enough to clean it up. That’s how I roll.

See yesterday’s post here : Decluttering the charging station and a headboard cubby


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