January Projects

I’ve been working on new projects at home but this one is for Grandpa! When my grandparents moved to assisted living in 2007 I created this board to help my Grandma recognize family members (with her Alzheimer’s a visual clue was helpful to her memory). In the fall I removed the board in order to update the photos now that we’ve added spouses, great grandkids & everyone is older.

PhotobucketIn addition to this large picture frame I have several more to add to the new room Grandpa is getting this weekend.

At my house, I have a few random projects going on, like finally growing some of my tulips and daffodil bulbs. Indoors of course.

It started with the tall glasses I bought over the past few months. I added a bunch of small river rocks and then the bulbs:

PhotobucketIt’s a little hard to tell but the bulbs need to sit on the rocks with the roots touching the water. If the bulb is submerged in the water it can rot.

PhotobucketSo adding the water is tricky. Especially when you’re also taking pictures.

PhotobucketOnce the bulbs are done they’re ready for a cool, dark place for a couple of weeks. Mine are on top of the extra fridge outside. Already the roots are growing down and the bulbs are starting to sprout!

Another unexpected project was getting a new to me bed! Grandpa just moved to a new room with a hospital bed (easier for him to help himself up) and we had to move the family queen bed and headboard. After some discussion I decided to take it and replace my guest room twin bed.

Last night was busy with moving furniture in and out, rearranging bookshelves and I still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do! I’ll have pictures to share soon!

p.s. If you haven’t seen my new photography project check it out here. Pretty simple: one pic per day, one word to describe the image. Just for funsies.

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