Guest Room Makeover

Since we moved my Grandpa to a new room, including a hospital bed to help him get up and out in the morning, his old furniture set needed a new home. My brother was interested in the dresser but I ended up with the queen bed and headboard.

The room used to look like this (on a good day):

PhotobucketAnd now with the new bed here’s the corner by the closet:

PhotobucketThe Nancy Drew books were a present from my parents when I was a kid. The rug is from Ikea and covers up my yoga mat (it’s easier to keep it out this way).

And then the bed itself:

 PhotobucketYou can see some of the headboard here with the mirror. I’m going to take down the quilt hanging behind the bed once I find my screwdriver. More books in the far corner and my balance ball. You can’t see but there’s a gap between the bookshelf and wall and I used a command hook to hang my exercise bands which I use for physical therapy (still 4 years after my car accident!).

Finally, the corner with the mini tv (i.e. what you see when you open the door and look straight ahead:

PhotobucketTiny tv and such along that wall. The white squares  are for pictures when I get my act together and print them. The quilt will go on this wall when I move it. You can see the bed takes up 60% of the room but it’s still easy to walk around.

The closet also got a mini makeover with cleaning out some old stuff and reorganizing:

Top right: with tivo, boxes of presents and such.
PhotobucketBottom right is the mirror from my bathroom renovation, there’s the cheapo curtain rods with ribbon and wrapping paper. The blue boxes have projects I’m working on (easy to move), the dresser has  sheets and my luggage fits underneath:
PhotobucketTop left has puzzles and games (some are new and gifts), then the boxes have craft crap which is labeled and organized:
PhotobucketBottom left I added a lamp that no longer fits in the room, the cart has more craft stuff (mostly fabric) and yes, that’s Darth Vader because I have a collection of Star Wars characters from the 70s. Because I am a nerd.:

PhotobucketAnd there you go, my finished guest room! I’ll have a more detailed post on the artwork when I get it moved, I’ve done a few project that are nearly done and ready to share!


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