Happy Holidays!

For some reason I’ve been thinking lately of my first Christmas home during college and then my second semester of school.

When I got back to the dorm, unpacking my new presents hauled from California to Virginia, a friend of mine from the debate team burst into my room in tears.

“Don’t you miss your Mommy?” she finally asked, swiping the tears from her cheeks.

Uh, not that much? It was hard to answer because yes, I missed my family who I did not see mid semester unless they came to the East Coast but also I was excited to be on my own, to experience college and debate and travel.

So we talked about our siblings instead and I recalled how my brother woke me up at six in the morning shouting “Santa came! Santa came!” and then, when I didn’t get out of bed (hey, college student habits!) he threw me my stocking which contained something solid and left a bruise.

“Hey,” my friend protested, “it’s cute he’s so excited! Little brothers are cute!”

“Little? No, my brother is 19…”

Just another Christmas at home.

This year was my first time having the parents at my house for Christmas Eve – we picked up Grandpa and made a stir fry for dinner before opening presents.

 PhotobucketIt was a wonderful, relaxing night and really feels full circle. From flying home for a few weeks, living out of a suitcase, to hosting in my home of three years.

I even shot a few videos in front of the tree for my colleagues and clients. It’s definitely “me” with the candles lit, thrift decor and a batch of 6 dozen cinnamon rolls ready to go in the oven.

PhotobucketMerry Christmas everyone!


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