Enjoying the Whole Holiday

After yesterday’s post on the FEMA zone home for the holidays, I started thinking about what we focus on most. Some people are a lot like me and focus on the one thing that isn’t done yet. Like sweeping the hallway and scanning papers and a few dozen bigger projects on my home to do list.

Sometimes we focus on the done things and that’s when bloggers might shove everything undone or imperfect into the basement of horrors and photograph their perfectly styled living room.

There is no right or wrong, only balance. Enjoy the beautiful things. Smell the roses that are still blooming in December as you rake up 100 gallons of leaves each week. But don’t be discouraged, this life isn’t a contest and she with the most creative holiday decor and least clutter will not win Queen of the Blogverse.

PhotobucketA few fun things to share today, mostly Christmas related for those of you finding my site with the search term “christmafication” 🙂

Even though the leaves are still falling and piling up outside the front door, the trees are almost bare.

PhotobucketThis doesn’t even touch on the pile in the backyard and the layers still covering the backyard. Sigh. City of trees has its downsides.

But I’ve got my cheery welcome wreath and the Santa sign I love, plus the hallway mirror all decked out:

PhotobucketAfter playing around with my camera for a few hours I got a series of shots of the tree that I love!

PhotobucketWhile I don’t have a lot of Christmafication going on in the guest room, there is some holiday spirit happening.

PhotobucketNow, I don’t mean to give away any presents but let me tell you, one of the easiest things to do is combine beautiful simple pieces, candles and ornaments and shoot at night. See?

PhotobucketThe house is still a bit FEMA worthy but steady progress over 6 hours yesterday made a big dent in the mess. Of course I stopped for supplies halfway through so then I had to put things away. Do you ever find you just need different solutions?

I bought these big plastic bins for under the kitchen sink. They’re much easier to move and clean than the cardboard box I’d been using for the last 4 years:

PhotobucketI get most of these from the dollar store and they’ve held up pretty well.

And what about all the unfinished projects and boxes of presents I’ve been referring to lately? Well, they’ve taken over the kitchen table and it’s my goal to have that cleaned up by next weekend. One step at a time.

PhotobucketOf course it’s impossible to get a good picture of all of the dogs, especially the small, squirmy ones, so here’s an archive pic of me Wilson getting in the spirit:



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