Christmafication – Living Room

Last weekend when my parents were in town with their truck we picked up a live tree. Let me tell you, having someone to hold it straight while it gets secured into the base makes all the difference in the world! I did the lights first while sorting all the ornaments and pulling some out for other projects.

PhotobucketJackson even got in on the Christmas tree picture action:
PhotobucketThe other dogs, alas, are far too wiggly to behave for such things.
I’ve got a lot of close up pics of the ornaments but I’ll spare you 🙂 Here’s just one of an old rocking horse I bought last year.


The mantle was probably the first thing I did and previewed in this post. I started by covering the mantle with silver wrapping paper from Costco (I bought a huge roll two years ago) which serves to both protect the mantle from candle wax and it reflects back the lights.

I added a bunch of crystal, candles, pine cones and snowflakes and these great green votive holders:

PhotobucketThen, using this tutorial from (where else) Pinterest, I borrowed a metal hanger and made this fantastic wreath while watching a movie:

PhotobucketAll I did was add a ribbon and hang it from a command hook above the mantle mirror. Here’s the whole mantle:
Finally, a shot of the whole room:


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