Christmafication – Master Bedroom & Bath

So typically I don’t decorate my bedroom, or even the bathroom. But since I hope to have the bathroom remodeled by next year I wanted to make use of the counter before it gets replaced.

In addition to soap, a snowman lotion dispenser and lots of candles, I added the lighted garland and some random decorations.

I call this one “the year Santa got fabulous”

these little votive holders were $1 ea at Target and light up really nice:

In the bedroom I took the shelf Dad installed for me last year and cleaned it up, added a runner to catch the candle wax drippings and added decorations:

This is the picture that would be “done” except I broke the glass. Yeah, oops. So until I replace that it’s just hanging out but I LOVE how the candle light looks like it’s casting those shadows on the water.

And because I love Paul Nicklen and his stories about the leopard seals and other animals in the Artic:

p.s. see his amazing TED talk with pictures of these amazing animals here.

These candy cane candles (say that fast twice) are awesome, a little bit wobbly as they melt but fun:

And finally, this cloche jar and snow people:

Almost done editing pics for the living room post, there are so many good ones to share!

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