Christmafication – the Kitchen

I’m back with more holiday spiriting 🙂

First challenge was to clean the room and put away some of the “stuff” like notes on the fridge, boxing up the china I’m selling and cleaning the counter and sink.

I added these simple stars to the upper cabinets, they come from Wal-Mart:

In the past I’ve used walnuts hanging from ribbon but those are going in the living room this year. You can see behind the star my collection of Christmas salt & pepper shakers:

Decorating the table is always fun, for this table I layered a red satiny table runner,  green bamboo place mats, silver chargers and a white place setting with a small red bowl to keep it interesting. Right now I’m using a green napkin but if I can find red cloth napkins I’ll pick them up:

The centerpiece is a red glassy hand tray I got at Target after the season one year and I bunched up the green napkins and threw in a bunch of red and silver ornaments and candles to light up the table.

another shot:

I know, that picture is huge but it’s just so pretty….

Next up was decorating my china cabinet with candles, Christmas lights and all the random gold stuff I’ve picked up.

That’s the $3 platter I picked up on Black Friday at Salvation Army and the bird cage came from the consignment shop by my house, I want to say it was $10. Filled it with a bunch of cheapo gold globes, stars and lights.

Across the top of the china cabinet I did more lights and a stack of gold star boxes :

And just a bit of fun with this Santa shoe tree:

Finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without hot spiced apple cider and some mixed drinks:

I’m still working on the living room, master bed & bath and adding some easy decor to the guest room. I don’t really do anything outside (also because my rain gutters are nearly falling off the house so no lights for me) so there’s plenty to decorate inside.


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