Christmafication – Bathrooms

I will completely blame this on my love of shiny objects but I started gathering ideas in October (on Pinterest of course) and decorating for Christmas.

And in my love and haste to have all sorts of holiday goodness I wanted to document just so I can refer back and do completely new things next year. Because I’m obsessive like that.

Let’s start with the most obvious place to decorate: the bathroom.

What’s that? You don’t like garland and tinsel and snowmen staring at you when you’re in the bathtub? Too damn bad. My tree is only so big can can only hold so many ornaments so adjacent rooms are fair game.

The before (aka every other month of the year):

I’ve already got the color scheme ready you see, blues and greens, silver mirrors and hardware and lots of white. Love it. So I clean up the bathroom first, sweeping and scrubbing and basically getting all the dust out. Then I can bring in the fun stuff.

Like this fun ornament hung with fishing wire:

then I add some extra candles and ornaments to jive with my color scheme in here (blue and green):

in this one I added a layer of bath salts so when the candle heats up it smells so good.

I love this tray, it’s a salad plate I found at Target and the top is blue with snowflakes but the bottom is bright neon green.

I’ll have pictures of the kitchen, master bedroom and mantle soon. I should have my Christmas tree up this weekend too!



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