Pinterest Hints

Someone asked how to move pins so I wanted to post this for everyone 🙂 I have these two boards so I can track the projects I still want to complete:

Locate thy pin:

I selected the pin I wanted to move and found the Edit button at the top of the pin.

This menu pops up and you can select any other board or create a new board to move your pin.

Easy peasy.

There’s also a button to delete the pin if you decided that drunk pinning is a bad idea or don’t want to be faced with the guilt of not completing a pinterest challenge.

… not that I’ve done that.

So you want to see what’s next for me?

using this pattern I’ll be finishing up the rag rug I’m weaving for the house!

And since you know I can’t do just one here’s the second project:

I better get crackin’ before the next challenge sneaks up on me!


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