Pinterest Challenge Numero Two

Oh, so apparently we’re going to throw down on the challenges 4 times a year, eh? I must have glossed over that in the original post from YHL but I sure picked it up last week in this post!

So here we go, I have a dilemma.

Aside from the dresser which came from family and I need to ensure does not have any deep, historical value to it – I don’t have much furniture/big projects to finish. So, once again several small projects will have to do!

Besides it means I can move more pins from the “Make These Things” board to the “Made These Things” board.

So, be inspired by the small stuff:

Chalkboard placemats

Inspiration here:

This project actually was a near miss because I almost donated this set of placemats when I cleaned out the dresser. But, finding this pin, I decided to rescue them (from the box in the garage) and create a fun project.

for those of you unwilling to destroy a nice placemat, don’t worry about these. They’re Ikea circa 2009 and probably cost $2 for all 6. Easy to paint!

Here we are after one coat. Pretty pathetic looking. I keep the layers thin so there’s no blobs and after 3 coats I was done!

Once the paint has completely dried you can use chalk in any color to leave a message. These will be share with Miss Ellie who loves to draw so I created one for her:

Of course I had to add a more honest one from my house:

Since I got so much paint on the backside of these, I’m going to make them double sided. And, a fun challenge if you try this and have kids. Go ahead and write chores on the back like ‘wash the dishes’, ‘clear the table’ or ‘sweep the kitchen’ and then set the table as normal. Each person must do the chore on their placemat and it’s “fair”.

Finally, before I left for my late Halloween party I used one of these for the ole candy bowl:

Now, before I go on to the last project….

IF YOUR NAME IS THE STATE YOU WERE BORN IN STOP READING NOW. Unless you want to ruin your birthday surprise which is, incidentally on its way to your house.

Christmas ornaments in confetti

This is the box currently speeding its way to my best friend’s house (the same one who inspired this blog) for her birthday.

The “confetti” is actually construction paper run through the shredder but the important stuff is under the paper:

My inspiration came from here:

And no, mine do not sparkle. a) I didn’t cut up a Twilight book and b) glitter is the herpes of the craft world. That shit is never coming out of your carpet.

So there you have it, two Pinteresting projects and I only have about a dozen more in progress for the next challenge! Don’t forget to pop in on my Pinterest page if you like to see what inspires me or follow my ongoing projects – but if you want to see the ones I’m actually doing you should probably just subscribe to the blog…


8 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge Numero Two

  1. Just popping by from one of teh pinterest challenge boards.

    I just laughed out loud when you compared herpes and glitter! So true! (I coached cheer for years and I had gliter in my car’s carpet that was never moving)
    I also pinned those ornaments. My hubby is a newspaper reporter so I think those are just perfect.

    How do you move your pins from board to board? I’ve accidentaly pinned things to the wrong board before and didn’t know how to fix it.

  2. Love that you actually used your Pins to DO something… I spend a lot of time looking, not quite as much time creating. šŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog & for your fun ideas for toilet paper rolls!

  3. Hi Stephanie, the original placemat was just plastic, a cheapo one from Ikea. If you’re looking for these do not choose one with a grain to it, find smooth ones. Good luck!

  4. I’ll never look at glitter the same way….’glitter is the herpes of the craft world!

    Love your ideas here!

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