Living Room Arrangements

Lately I’ve been playing around with Gliffy, a tool to create flow charts, org charts and diagrams. These have been really fun to make for my business blog and recently I tried out the floor plans, starting with the bathroom layout here and then proceeded to do the entire house. While it’s a bit large to post I have been taking pieces of the house and playing around with them.

Last weekend I was watching entirely too much Amazon streaming video while weaving a rug and thinking about the room. I’d decided to move the small dresser to the guest room which left a space on that side of the room to fill.

And, from experience, I can’t put any furniture that the dogs stand on or they’ll end up on the kitchen counter eating 2 dozen cupcakes. Trust me on this.

So, I decided to move the furniture and stumbled upon the best layout I’ve had in 3 years of owning this house!

Here’s the layout of the room without furniture:

Yes, the fireplace is a bit wonky being in the corner like that. But maybe you see the problem here. There’s two open doorways by the front door and hall (top left) and by the kitchen and dining area (bottom right) so not a whole lot of wall space for furniture. There’s just one window by the front door which makes natural light a rare commodity and the fireplace means it’s difficult to position furniture.

Here’s the before furniture arrangement:

Definitely weird and hard to walk from the hallway to the kitchen without bumping into something. Plus Nixon has a tendency to run down the hallway, launch himself on the back of the couch and then dive bomb across the room to the loveseat (the gray short couch on the bottom of this diagram).

And the after:

The major change was removing one piece of furniture! Yes, this small dresser is moving to the guest room to be refinished, painted and prettied up:

and by moving the TV and cabinet to the far wall I actually have space to walk through my living room!

As a bonus the large rug and dog bed are getting much more use as a wrestling mat as the dogs are taking advantage of the room to run. Oh, and the red runner thing is already gone (there to cover up the fact Wilson nibbled on that corners of the furniture) because Nixon was using it to surf. Yes, my dog would stand on the loveseat (now against the far wall), jump over to the chest that I’m using as a table and ride the slick table runner until he crashed onto the floor on the other side.

In this pic you can see the larger couch up against the common wall and again, dogs playing in the middle of the floor. It would be nice to have matching sofas some day but oh well, the ones I have are both comfy and were free so no complaints here.

I’ll definitely be leaving my furniture in this configuration until I decide to erect the scaffold and begin to scrape off the popcorny texture on the ceiling. Not looking forward to that project at all!

Until then at least I have more room to walk, can do zumba and yoga and play Wii games without nearly killing myself and the dogs have space to get out their energy without couch surfing.


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