Bathroom Before

Aside from painting and a free shower head from my utility provider, I haven’t done much in the way of changes to my master bathroom. Sure I updated the mirror and replaced the towel bars this summer but there is so much more I want to tackle in this room.

Let’s look at the bathroom “before” aka how it looks today.

The shower stall is small but efficient. While the walls are fine, I’d love to replace the floor which is stained and hard to clean. The shower door also looks perpetually dirty, I’d almost rather remove it completely and hang a shower curtain as inspired by Young House Love.

The majority of the room is dominated by the cabinet here with sink.

While it’s… nice, there are a few problems. First, the sink. In this close up shot you can see there are stress fractures in the bowl and since it’s one seamless piece I’m worried one day something will cause the whole thing to fall apart.

It does provide some good storage since I use these great baskets I picked up thrifting to hold towels and hair dryers and there are also two drawers which stay pretty organized (i.e. not crammed with stuff)

The counter top also extends up in a weird back splash piece and across the toilet:

Which is a little weird. I do need to replace this toilet and so far found a new bowl for $12 (Mom picked them up at a going out of business sale so we just need new tanks) and when we do the plumbing I’d like to replace the whole sink/cabinet thingy.

I would love to create more space and open shelving with a simple cabinet or pedestal sink. Like these:

This one is probably closest to my color scheme and I also like the bead board. Not crazy about the floors though:

I might even consider a piece with built in storage like this one:

One of the reasons I’m okay with sacrificing my cabinet storage in the existing piece is that the built in cabinet has so much room to spare.

So if needed I can revamp this space to work better. Or leave the baskets of towels out on a shelf.

By creating a smaller sink area I will have more open space. Ideally, for resale or renting out this property, I’d like the bathroom to be 100% accessible via wheelchair and taking out the large cabinet would give a lot more maneuverability.

Structurally, I don’t want to do projects out of order and then waste my time and money so I’ll decide on the new sink and cabinet before doing any floor work. It will be easy enough to paint the wall behind the existing cabinet but I may also do wainscoating like in this pic:

Definitely want to get started soonish but first I think I’ll be on the lookout for a new sink and a light for the room. If I get really inspired, I’ll look at flooring options and pricing.

All inspiration pics came from my Pinterest board where you can find the original source and details on colors/design/etc.


5 thoughts on “Bathroom Before

  1. First off, love the extra storage cabinet…that’s awesome! Second, we put Wainscoating in the bathroom at our old house and I loved it!!! It really brightens up the space and gives it a polished look without spending a ton of money. Love your ideas! Can’t wait to see the finished product :o).

  2. We’ve redone bathrooms from pieces found on Craigslist for close to nothing in cost. I’ve paid $12. for a sink with brand new faucet! You could try hanging a shower curtain now to see if you like the look before permanently dismantling the existing shower door, or just to hide it. Our Goodwill has an endless supply of awesome shower curtains. I’ve even used them as curtains on an outside porch…they’re that cool! Keep us “posted” on the project. Thanks for sharing.

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