Bull in a China Cabinet

Not really, I just feel like I’m going to drop everything when I work around china so repainting my china cabinet and taking inventory of my nicer dishes makes me nervous. Once I realized how much some of these pieces were worth I was even more nervous (see below)!

A commenter asked about the china I collect and the set I want to sell and since I’m apt to pull up my blog on the iPad for reference when I’m out shopping I decided a post would be good. This is what you do when you have the short term memory of a gnat, like me.

This is the pattern I collect:
it’s called Diane and from Wade, here’s the mark:

Currently I have a full set of 24 so I’m not collecting any more of the basic pieces. For my own reference I have:

  • (37) Dinner plates
  • (27) Bread plates
  • (24) Dessert bowls
  • (27) Saucers
  • (30) Coffee cups (standard)

Plus, I have a few of the accessory pieces:

  • Salt & Pepper Shaker
  • Creamer

In searching eBay I found a lot of accessory pieces I do not have such as:

Sugar & Creamer set $25/both
Butter Dish $15
Gravy boat with plate $33/both
Round serving bowl $15
Oval Serving Bowl $15
Bowl with Lid (sold in set)

And while these are not needed (see 30 cups above) I think they’re awesome:

Irish Footed Coffee Mug $13/ea

I also have a set of 12 silver chargers since the rim of these dishes is silver.

Now for the set I’m selling:

It’s by Sango and called Julie, here’s a close up of the pattern:

It’s pretty but I prefer the bolder pattern of the Diane china so here’s what I’m selling (prices from eBay if selling piecemeal)

  • 8 cups (sell for $10 ea or $80 total)
  • 9 saucers (selling $1 ea for $9 total)
  • 10 dessert bowls ($6-$8/ea or $60-$80)
  • 8 salad bowls ($7-$10/ea or $56-$80)
  • 8 bread plates ($7-$8/ea or $56-$64)
  • 1 creamer ($20)
  • 1 sugar bowl with lid ($14-$24)
  • 1 large bowl ($26-$30)
  • 1 serving platter ($38)
  • 8 dinner plates ($26-$28/ea or $208-$224)

Which brings the total to $561-649 for the entire collection. Holy. Crap. Not bad for a set I paid maybe $60 for 4 years ago. Of course, I would have to sell each piece individually on eBay and pay the fees. So, if you’re an eBay seller – how much would you price this as a set? It’s realistically 48 pieces (a set of 8 – plate, cup, saucer, bread plate, dessert bowl, salad bowl) plus the sugar, creamer, serving platter, serving bowl and 2 extra desert bowls.

There are NO sets selling right now, maybe because demand is low but if I put the entire thing up for sale and it has some of the unique pieces and standard pieces like plates what would be a “good” price?

There’s also a lot of pieces selling here all and for a place setting (dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, cup and saucer) they sell for $45. Which is $360 and I would still have other pieces to sell.


One thought on “Bull in a China Cabinet

  1. You might have better luck selling as a set to a website like replacements.com. Selling it piecemeal through ebay might net you more money in the long run, but it’s a royal pain. And selling as a set on ebay is chancy… the shipping charges alone might make a good sale into a crappy one.

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