Lots of Little Projects

I read a lot of design and decor themed blogs, mostly when I’m procrastinating going to the gym or can’t sleep. But the good news is that I’ve been inspired to get some smaller projects done around the house.

Here’s one that I just completed, creating a new and pretty soap pump for my bathroom:

I spray painted the entire thing with Oil Rubbed Bronze so it matches the door hardware, mirror and towel hooks/rods. Want to see how it started out? Ugly:

I think it was $1 but since the pump works and it’s a little ornate I thought it would be fun to paint. Spray paint is cheap, these suckers new are ridiculous – $10 or $15 empty and uglier than this one started out.

Like painting the frame for this new canvas I’m working on:

I’d like it to be glossy black but maybe add gray paint for the innermost canvas layer. Still deciding how it should look so I can sand it down and get started.

Project deux:

This dresser was a gift from my grandparents and came with a mirror that has never been attached (Dad claims it needs longer screws to secure). I’d like to confirm it’s not a family heirloom (pretty sure it’s not) and the sand and paint it something fun. Maybe a striped pattern for the kitchen or white and classy for the guest room.

The mirror is still in the garage and, from what I remember, it’s a unique shape. Depending on the color I choose for the paint I may also replace or paint the drawer pulls.

Third one:

I have the fabric that matches the curtains in my office to cover the ottoman. Need to find some tutorials for making buttons so this can be tufted and I’ll probably want to add a layer of fluff. Nixon likes to sleep next to my feet while I work so I’m not going to invest in the nicest fabric.

Striped fabric is on the windows, the patterned fabric became curtains for the closet. The green is still floating around somewhere.

Here’s the ottoman the fabric will be covering:

Want to know what Mom said when she saw this?

Mom: “The black thing fits perfectly in the hole.”

Me: “Mom…”

pause…. pause

Mom: “That what she said.”

Me: “I’m so proud.”

#4 This one is a bigger project but I need to repaint the china cabinet I finished earlier. Here’s what it looks like now:

except with the doors on. You can see on the bottom that I didn’t finish the white paint but also the wallpaper I put on the back panel is peeling pathetically. I’d like to make it two toned, maybe use the rice grain paint from the bathroom project to paint the back panel and bottom shelves.

The doors are also a little screwy so I need to sand and then repaint the edges.

I’m thinking of selling the second set of china that I bought back in 2007, it’s similar to the pattern I collect but honestly, just taking up room:

This is the pattern I collect and since I just picked up another set of 20 pieces for $15 and I’m running out of room it may be time to resell the other on eBay.


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