Canvas Prints

Recently I decided to try this tutorial for making my own canvas posted prints at home. Here’s my version, as promised.

I started with this picture which I printed last year and have always hated. Why the printer cut off the top of the lighthouse, I will never understand:

Sorry for the crooked shot, this was an old picture. You can also tell the frame for the lighthouse picture sucked, the black part was plastic overlay and it’s been peeled off on the top and bottom section. Trying to make it uniform was horrible, the plastic chipped the wood underneath and then split. I ended up scrapping the frame entirely.

Thus I was left with the photo and a photo canvas that I picked up in May on sale:

I started with using scrapbook paper to modge podge on the edges since the picture wouldn’t wrap around the corner. I found a sheet of textured paper and it only took half of a 12″ x 12″ sheet. The canvas was 16×20 fyi.

Once that was secure I quickly poured glossy modge podge on the canvas quickly and evenly, then on the back of the photo. I centered it on the canvas and topped with another thin layer of the matte modge podge.

After everything dried I hung it up on the wall and really like it. I might still do the paint smudging around the edges but I can’t decide if it should be in beige or black. Since this is my test canvas and I have a second one to play with there’s no pressure.

On this shot you can see the brush strokes of the modge podge, it goes left to right and is like a protective layer over the photo.

The next canvas is 20 x 24 and will cost $15 at Michael’s – the print will be about $9 from Costco. I already have the black glossy paint for the frame but I’ll need to sand and prep it before starting that project.

And I need to choose a picture, which is perhaps the hardest part of the process for me. It takes a long time to find the right picture from my travels as I want to use my own photos. Maybe I’ll take another look at my Scotland pics.



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