“Finished” Photo Wall

Well, I am 90% finished with the photo wall in my Master Bedroom so I want to share pictures.

I finally took the design on paper and rehung the photo frames on the wall. Most of these frames were found at thrift stores and repurposed from other rooms. I love having a variety of styles and size frames all in one hue.

Here’s the before:

I finished selecting and printing pictures at Costco and framed them. There are just two more to select. This one needs a new picture, it was from Freecycle so I can toss the print:

and this one is going to get a canvas and black paint finish:

Actually I found the canvas size I needed at Michael’s but wanted to wait until I got a coupon so I got some other paint and they gave me a 40% off coupon which will save me $10 on the canvas.

With the pictures I’ve selected and printed here’s the temporary after:

Ignore the mess of crap on the headboard, please thanks.

Most of these prints still need custom mats from Michael’s but I’ll be picking those up one at a time. The large print in the middle has a custom mat that I picked up for $16.

Here’s a close up of the print on the top left:

It’s the beach that I visited in Key Largo before going on my snorkeling adventure. I also added another tribute to my trip on the other side:

Overall, I really love the new wall and keep looking for those last two pictures to finish the wall. The large yellow open frame is going to get a canvas using a technique I found online. While the photo canvas I bought at Costco (below) was nice, these are too expensive to get on a larger scale:

Instead I can buy a blank canvas and use modge podge and scrapbook paper to create a photo canvas (with a print from Costco).

I tried it out on this picture:

I’ll put up a tutorial on how that turned out soon!


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