One Big Project

All the little projects I’ve been accomplishing have been great but in the last few weeks I’ve completed a huge project that had hundreds of small steps involved.

I just had to share because I’m so proud of it and it’s been two years in the making. I’ll give you the whole story in a bit but first, for the impatient among us here it is:

My new business site which is a compilation of resources for online entrepreneurs ready to build their business and grow with the support of systems and teams.

Check it out if you’re just curious about what I’m doing and the tools I offer or especially if you run or are thinking of starting an online business.

I built this business because as much as I love working in online businesses I find myself frustrated with lack of clarity – how things work, what steps we take in a given situation, how to get things done. And I’ve seen that the entrepreneur who doesn’t have these things in place cannot grow beyond the day to day operations.

How did I arrive here?

Let’s back up two years to the fateful day when I was laid off from my “good” job working with an electrical firm in Sacramento. I’d learned a lot and implemented some new systems which increased my productivity. Which was important because I carried two positions: one in purchasing keeping the catalog up to date, pricing orders and proofing purchase orders and the second position in accounting setting up service jobs, billing and collecting accounts and serving 5 project managers.

I loved the work I did because I was able to work very efficiently. While I didn’t really like my crazy co-workers, the company was good to me.

And then I got laid off.

I didn’t mention it much because I was too focused on finding another job. Another job was secured within 2 weeks but it wasn’t exactly a step up. Less pay, fewer hours and more crazy co-workers.

The only solid benefit to the new job was the short commute: under 5 minutes in the worst traffic. I could walk to work in 20, mostly because I had to navigate the schools that were like strategic landmines between my home and office.

But within 3 months of the new job I was ready to move on. Why? Because my official review was “you do great work, your systems are efficient so we’re cutting your hours.”

Once I heard that I knew something had to change.  And it took me over a year, some false starts, bad ideas, good connections, hard luck and the desire to keep working. Now, eighteen months into this pursuit, I’m ready to launch the business I’ve been building with the new website to serve the people I love.

It’s been interesting to identify in myself how I’ve created systems all around my life

  • a method of playing Word Search that allows me to find words in under 4 seconds
  • systems for email filtering and labeling photos, transferring data and filing
  • a way of shopping that cuts down the time I spend in the store and unloading groceries at home
  • calendar tricks that enabled me to serve several overbooked entrepreneurs with very few hitches
  • email tracking systems to follow up on tasks, assignments and requests
  • hacks to assembling jigsaw puzzles, cleaning and feeding my dogs

And I was able to trace my love of systems back to a very young age. My mom recently told me the story of taking me to the grocery store. At the checkout stand 98% of kids would grab candy from the display shouting ‘buy me this! I want this one!’ I was the exception as I would rearrange the candy to straighten things up ‘this candy goes there and this one belongs there…’

Yes, I was a strange child.

But I come by this naturally and it’s honestly so much fun to do on a daily basis. Instead of looking for a desk job that would appreciate my talents locally (because I honestly hate commuting and don’t want to move) I decided to do my work with online businesses.

It’s going to be a wild ride, I’d love if you took a look, share your thoughts and share with your friends who might be interested as well.



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