Lots of Little Projects

There’s been a lot going on lately and I’m working on small projects around the house. First up is updating the door hinges to match the new door knobs:

See how ugly they were? With the paint settled into the grooves of the screws it’s really hard to remove the hinges. After some work I was able to get them off and replace with a new hinge that has been painted with oil rubbed bronze paint.

Much better. I finished the main bathroom door and the set of hinges I removed are painted and curing. Next up is working on the bathrooms.

The work goes a bit slow because I have been touching up the paint around the hinges and that takes awhile to dry.

Next up is these cork boards that I picked up at work over a year ago (headed for the trash):

First I peeled off the border which was already coming apart. I used fabric that I picked up at the store for $1/a remnant and centered it on the front of the cork board.

I pulled it tight and began to staple, first on each side to anchor and then around the edges, trimming the excess fabric at the end.

Before I put them up I’ll need to secure something on the back for hanging but I’m thinking of using the few hundred push pins I have in my office supply stash. I think both cork boards look good!

Final project was something simple enough. I decided to clean and polish up my faucets which were looking pretty bad. Like my master bath:

Yeah… that’s dust. Plus a good amount of water drops, some paint splatter from cleaning brushes and deposits from hard water.

First was a Lysol bathroom cleaner

And that cleaned most of it. But once it was dried I still needed a little shine. So I tried a tip I’d read about months ago, to use car wax to protect the faucet from water spots. It looked pretty good after the waxing:
After the bathroom faucet I did the second bathroom and then the kitchen. You can really see the difference in the kitchen. Before:


Not bad! Next up is cleaning the fridge and freezer I got for free and I’ll be reinstalling all the drawers, shelves and such this weekend. There’s still a little more cleaning to do and while the unit is cooling down I need to make sure there’s nothing growing.


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