Rocks in my Yard

It was 2 years ago now that I completed an ambitious and completely insane ’99 things in 99 days’ list. One of those items was to finally remove the rocks that were lying in a shallow planter outside my living room window and move them into boxes.

Where the boxes have sat for the last 24 months. At one point a neighbor wanted to use them to line her grass (? what the…?) but then moved out. So it wasn’t until I started my Project page that I came up with an idea to get the rocks out of my garage and make them useful again.

Idea #1

Sometime in the last 2 years I stopped using these holders for my garden hose. They seemed to be taking up too much room, were tethered too closely to the faucet and the hose always kinked. Plus the connections were bad so moving anywhere close to the holder meant getting soaked.

This summer though I decided to give them another try (they weren’t cheap even on sale) and made some changes.

I replaced the hose that connects the faucet to the holder thingy with new ones from Wal-Mart. These were maybe $6 or $7 each. This solved the water spraying everywhere problem.

After really rinsing off the cobwebs, the bugs, dirt and a few snails I decided to keep these as clean as possible, even if they were sitting in the dirt.

The solution was the rocks. By using the largest and flattest rocks I created a layer between the dirt and my garden hose so that it doesn’t get all mucked up every time I use it. And since I try to get outside and water the potted plants every day, it saves me a lot of muckyness.

The last piece of this solution was to completely untangle the hose, lay it flat and then roll it up. By doing this I can halfway unravel the hose and still use it as intended.

Now by this point I had about half a box left and didn’t want to revert to my original plan to put one in the trash every week until they were gone. Thus,

Idea #2

The last time I really did anything to that original patch of dirt from whence the rocks came was when I moved out some of the tins to use them in another area.

I was left with this:

The impatiens I planted were doing well in one corner but the rest had died out. And what was worse, the damn cats were using the other end of this rectangle as a litter box!

My initial solution was to fill the area with mouse traps, covered by a thin layer of dirt. If pain didn’t keep the felines away then I would escalate the plan of attack.

Only one thing stopped me. Thanks to my non existent short term memory I would likely be the victim of my own prank. Drat.

Thus the Plan B which was to fill in the area that had just dirt with rocks as I’m pretty sure cats are too stupid and lack the opposible thumbs necessary to move large rocks in order to dig around in the dirt.

I didn’t quite have enough rocks so I put the watering cans there to take up space. Plus they’re easier to fill now because the runoff water just waters the flowers.

Small rocks

I mentioned in my Friday post that I had all these little rocks from the side yard that I’m gathering, mostly to get rid of the dead grass, weeds and junk that make the side of the house look ugly.

And I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with these yet. So far I’ve used them to weigh down pots as detailed in this post. Other than that I don’t know the fate of these rocks but I can say that after 2 years of looking at two HUGE boxes of heavy rocks and fearing what kind of spiders and other horrible things they contained, I’m glad I was able to reuse them.



One thought on “Rocks in my Yard

  1. The next time you re-pot something, put a handful or two of those small rocks in the bottom of the pot. It helps keep the dirt from washing through the drain hole. šŸ™‚

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