Shiny New Knobs

As I continue to paint the doors around the house I’ve found more mini projects to do! One such project is cleaning and updating the door hardware.

I’ve shown before that the previous owners had a ‘slap it on’ philosophy with paint so nearly all of the door hinges, knobs, and strike plates have paint on them. Sometimes several layers worth.

In addition the hinges and door knobs are this gold brassy color which I don’t really appreciate. I checked out replacing them and it’s not too expensive, maybe $3-4 for the hinges, $1 for new strike plates and $15-40 for knobs, depending on how fancy you get.

The problem is, I really like the design of my door knobs inside the house:

They’re somewhat uniquely styled without being weird. Definitely an upgrade from the boring round door handles. So the solution, I think, is to upgrade them with some spray paint. Normally I’d think such an idea was madness but a recent redo at Young House Love showed me that it was doable.

So in true Sherry form I’ve picked up a $7 can of paint + primer spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze and I’ll be prettying up those brassy gold door knobs.

But first I need to create room outside for the paint and so I must finish scrubbing down all the shelves from the new to me fridge I got last week. I think soaking in water, bleach and baking soda for 9 days is long enough, don’t you? Of course I heard all the horror stories that the plastic will be weakened but to me it’s better than having lingering mold. And if the plastic breaks down in 100 years instead of 150 it’s all good to me. I’ll be dead.

Once I’ve made the space I have to decide how to start removing the door knobs. I’d rather not give the dogs full access to any room they can nudge the door open and I’m sure those using my bathroom would appreciate the privacy.

Luckily I took off the door to my office soon after I moved in (during an ill fated attempt to move in my desk. Eventually Dad arrived, disassembled the desk and did the moving for me. The door never went back up.) so I can use that hardware to get started.

I’m thinking it should go like this:

  • spray paint extra set, give it several coats and a day to cure
  • remove knob from bedroom door, touch up paint on the door and let it dry
  • replace door knob and striker
  • start spray painting knob removed from bedroom door
  • continue until all are done

If I move this way through the doors then I’ll never have doors that can’t be closed and I can use the opportunity while the door knob is removed to do final touch ups on the door paint.

The last concern is the hinges because while I can pry off a door, no problem, I really suck at hanging them up again. When I did these cabinets in the bathroom it took me forever to get them up again and these weigh a lot less than a full frame door.

If I can find replacement door hinges in the same color as the new knobs I can probably spend the $3/door to get new ones. If not I’ll just use my spares, spray paint them and replace ’em one at a time so the door does not come completely unhinged.

With the first set of door knobs underway I’m looking forward to seeing how these look on the doors!


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