the Power of Projects

This whole thing started when a friend said “I want to see more pictures of your house!” and I decided to build a new page with a complete photo tour.

That was 3 weeks ago and that page is still under construction! Mostly because I’m a crazy perfectionist and I want good pictures.

But as I’ve been cleaning my house, taking pictures, and updating that page I see all the unfinished projects around here.

So I started a second page for My Projects so I could update that as I go – otherwise I wouldn’t ever finish the House Tour page.

And since starting the project list I’ve steadily been completing those tasks! Most recently:

  • replace the garden hose holder in the front yard done Aug 2011
  • replace front door screen done July 2011
  • install composter bin done July 2011
  • plant something pretty under the guest room window Done Aug 2011
  • replace towel bars in main bathroom Done Aug 2011
  • install new towel bar and hand towel hook in master bathroom Done Aug 2011
  • paint front door white done August 2011
  • purchase one more CD size bookshelf for library done August 2011
  • paint the door to house from garage done August 2011

Keep in mind that the list went up 2 weeks ago and it shows that I need a visual reminder of my projects!

I’m planning a more detailed post on painting doors, but for now here’s what the bathrooms are like sporting new towel bars and hooks:

I was attempting to come up with a reason that I bought a 24″ and an 18″ but the only explaination I could think of was “size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it.”

for the hand towel hook, Dad drilled directly into the wood cabinet next to the sink. I love it.

Since installing the dark framed mirror in the master bath, I decided to go with a matching finish for the towel rod and hook:

I bought just one towel bar because a) these were freakin’ expensive and b) I also have a behind the door hook that I use.

The hand towel hook here is halfway between the sink and the shower stall. Kindly ignore the random picture hook on the wall, I need to rotate artwork now that the permanent fixtures are up.


One final project that didn’t make it on the project list is a complete record of My Garden, the flowers and plants I’ve bought and my favorite pictures. I have the memory span of a gnat so if these are not written down I’m very likely to forget what I’ve planted over the years. Take a look and let me know what you think!




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