Garden Woes

It’s time to face the facts that many of the beautiful flowers I planted back in March are dead. Gone. Forever departed from this good earth.

Like these tulips:

and these yellow flowers:

I didn't even know your name...

This over watered succulent:

and yes, even the daisies have stopped producing blooms:

So, like any novice gardener I made a trip to the garden center to stock up on new flowers to fill the void.

First, the lonely patch of dirt in the backyard. While the perimeter of the backyard is filled with rose bushes and a dead tree and the center has the remains of the sod (that which hasn’t been trampled to death by the dogs), there’s a strip underneath the guest room window which is, for the most part, barren.

The faucet here leaks something fierce and I’m not really excited about having that much water by the foundation of the house. So I planted two water-loving grasses here to help soak up the excess moisture.

To the left, I’ve planted the first of hopefully 2 flowering bushes. I need to find some way to get them growing up and not out as to not obscure the walkway. Besides, the dogs will just trample the bush if it’s in the way.

Here’s a close up:

I don’t want to plant anything too large yet since I have plans to paint the house in the next few years and draping around plants is a pain.

Still, if these do well I’d love to plant more – they’re sun lovin’ and require 8 hours a day, which they’ll certainly get in this spot.

If the flowers look familiar it’s because I first noticed them about a year ago and included some pics in this post:

pretty, right? here’s another close up of the flower:

Of course this was a healthy, mature bush and mine is… young and inexperienced. We’ll see how this goes.

Pray for these plants, Nixon already dug one out of its hole in under a minute because he’s mischievous and appropriately named.

In the front yard I filled in a few bald spots including in the square planter box which got these:

a few bright flowers in the corner of the planter that gets the most sun:

and even a few more succulents. Most here were repotted so I could create better drainage in the metal pots. Most of them I cannot pronounce or came unlabeled. Oh well, it’s easier not to get attached.

Do you recognize this one?

It’s aloe and considering how often I get sunburned each summer it should pay off rather quickly!

And, once again lured by the clearance area at Raley’s I also brought these home:

Two full, thriving basil plants for $2 each! How could I not? They smell so good I want to bury my head in there and just breathe.

They’re planted right next to my overflowing mint so I’m hoping they battle it out violent for the most sun, best water and best scents.


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