Are you on Pinterest? If you’re a friend of mine I’ve probably already converted you but if not here’s the lowdown.

What the heck is Pinterest? It’s a virtual pin board of things you find interesting. Recipes to make. Art projects you love. Books to read. Photos that are inspiring. And you can organize those into multiple pin boards with themes to organize the chaos.

Joining Pinterest

…is somewhat of a challenge. Pinterest is invite only but you can request an invite and it takes about 5 days to approve. And in those 5 days you’ll find a dozen things you want to pin. I think it just builds the tension.

But once you get your invite (in about 5 days) you’ll be off to the races! You can use this little button to pin anything from any page on the interwebs. Or, upload pictures from your hard drive. Or re-pin from other people’s pages.

A warning? It’s addictive! And while I typically pin in bursts late at night or whenever I see something fun to pin it’s really hard to log off when there are always more pins to pin!

Joining the Challenge

Last week Sherry @ Young House Love issued a challenge to take one pin and actually using it as inspiration in a project.

You know, actually get off the computer and get something done!

Here’s the link to Sherry’s clothespin chandelier that’s rockin’ their laundry room.

What I made

Uh, little overachiever that I am I have two to share.

First, the inspiration:


Nice, right? I love old maps and that frame is adorable. The only full size map I have is of Scotland and I’m really reluctant to tear it up.

The solution? Steal Borrow an old map:

This came from my parent’s motorhome and was printed in 1996. It’s old. Freakin’ old. And if they want me to replace it I’ll pick ’em up a new one since they’re just $5 at Wal-Mart.

Then I found a cheapo metal tin for 50 cents at the Salvation Army:

the hardest part was to cut out the map without screwing it up. I tried unsuccessfully to trace the bottom of the tray and finally flipped it over, placed scrap paper in the groove and ran a pen along the edges to get the template, and used the template to cut out the map page.

Once that was done I used Rice Grain paint leftover from the bathroom projects to paint the tin and glued in the map:

this is a map of my area, Northern California, and my town in particular is on the map. It’s much smaller than my inspiration piece but fits in really well in my house.

Project Two

The inspiration came from a big trend to use chalkboard paint to label, well, everything.


I shared earlier this week about the mini project to clean up my gardening stuff. For a long time I just threw it all in the cardboard box and I decided to clean things up.

So I took an old Folger’s can that I’d saved for painting projects and added some paint to cover up the old labels:

The twist? I didn’t use chalkboard paint. Mostly because I hate chalk it’s all chalky and dry and icky.

So this is just black paint from Michael’s which I paid less than $1 for a huge tube.

This container now holds all of my spare sprinkler parts:

and since it isn’t labeled I can easily switch it out for other storage if needed.

And there you have it, two Pinterest inspired projects for ya.


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