A Story of Pot

Well, potting to be more specific.

Recently I noticed some of my plants were looking a bit dead. But, as Miracle Max would say only mostly dead. Nothing a little magic potting can’t save.

Over the past few years I picked up a dozen little tin pots most from the Target $1 spot and thrift stores.

The problem is that there is no draining so the plants vary between being over watered and dead or under watered (for fear of over watering) and mostly dead.

I solved this problem with a hammer and a single nail. By first repotting the flowers into a new tin (I had a few to spare), I worked my way through each one putting holes in the bottom for drainage.

Yes, I’m using old cutting boards for potting. And, if you’re feeling quirky, make a little design with the holes:

By the end there was only one plant really, really dead.

Oh, and have you ever received or bought a plant with the cute plastic cover tied around the base? That plastic is cute death for a plant. I noticed it was still on one of my flowered pots and traps the water in the bottom. Trust me, it was disgusting.

If you have some smallish rocks, use those in the bottom of tins like these before adding potting soil. It helps drain the water and weigh down the plant in winds.

Here they are – all repotted and ready for water:

I think they’re going survive.

And my favorite new plant has to be this one:

I’ve also cleaned up the garden stuff in the garage. It used to look like this:

I like to call this ‘organization de boxes’ and it shows that I keep a lot of junk. Some I’ve recycled, others repurposed for storage. I have kept the good pots for more flowers (someday) and most everything else is organized.

I did keep the red folger’s coffee container which now holds my extra sprinkler parts. The blue basket has my gardening gloves and the dark green tin (bottom left) which looks black in this pic has all of the tools.

Much nicer than the box look!


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