Guest Room Accountability

Back on June 29th I decided to make a commitment to getting my guest room all cleaned up for company by the end of July.

How come a month seems so long until it’s over?

Here’s what I wrote then and here’s the follow up one month later.

I’ve got a pile of clothes and fabric sitting in my guest room that I really need to tackle. I’ve decided to cut the cotton into strips so I can make a braided rug so I’m posting for accountability. I think by the end of July I should be able to cut the strips, roll them into balls and then I can worry about doing the design and braiding later.

Well I took the clothes that could be cut into strips and cut them up. Still haven’t decided what to do since the fabric isn’t ideal for rugs. These will most likely turn into braided chew toys for the dogs.

The sheets have been ripped, rolled and readied to weave though!

(this is about 1/4th of the fabric I have to work with since I have 4 more sheets in a similar hue to work with)
I found a great dog bed today so I won’t be making my own – now I need to decide what to do with the old pillows piled up. First thought is to use the stuffing to beef up big dog’s bed and bleach the covers and cut into strips. Am I making this too difficult?

Quite frankly, yes, I was making things too difficult. The dog’s bed did not have an easy zip opening like I was hoping so I would have to take out the seam, add the stuffing and then sew it closed again. Nope! Old pillows went out to the trash.

Older blankets need to go to the animal shelter and old sheets are going to be re-purposed as either pillow covers, dog crate liners or rugs.

This is where I got stuck the most. It’s a nice blanket, you see, just a few holes from bored dogs who started gnawing. Well, the blanket is kinda scratchy. And an ugly color. Okay okay, sending it to the animal shelter! It’s already in my trunk with the extra dog bowls.

I have a HUGE pile of fabrics I don’t need that will be getting worked on this summer! Already started with a duvet cover that became curtains and two matching pillow cases that were shortened for throw pillows.

In addition to making these bedroom curtains:

and matching throw pillows, Mom and I made two pillows for the guest room that match the existing curtains that we made last year:

it’s hard to tell because of the picture but the blue in the curtains matches the pillows perfectly, just different size stripes.

After these projects were done, I went through the rest of the fabric with a critical eye. What will I use this for? Do I need these linens? Why did I buy a butterfly pillow?!

I also came across so many things that need to be cleaned, repaired or donated and worked through that pile. Many things went to my friend E for sewing repairs or were just donated.

The rest of the guest room came together… vacuuming, dusting, putting away books.

The last little thing to do is hang the mirror behind the door (since I have a mirror or three in every room…):Now I’m ready for guests!


2 thoughts on “Guest Room Accountability

  1. Startsmart – It looks AWESOME!!!! I remember you making the blue and white striped curtains last year. (Yea, I lurked your blog a time or two in the past.) And blue walls and white book cases look so clean! A fabulous job, I deem you worthy of an A+.
    S4N : )

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