Patio Love

About a year ago I wrote about Working at Home and how I use my front porch as an extended office when the weather permits. Since then I’ve done many more contracted hours and more updates to the patio. It’s one of my favorite areas in the house.

It all started with this bench which was a hand-me-down from my grandparents and, though it’s missing some wood slats it’s in great condition and shaded by a thriving sugar maple tree.

After the bench came a side table, a few planters, then flowers until this is the patio I have today:

Next to the front door I have more flowers in tins:

And a growing collection of watering cans so I can keep my flowers from withering in the summer heat:

and this patch of dirt has some shade lovin’ flowers and a few plants that I’ll be filling up with fall flowers soon:
Still this bookshelf is one of my favorites with baskets, plants, candles and room to place a drink.

One of my favorite spaces!



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