Clearing Bathroom Clutter

Recently I’ve been intrigued by the idea of completely emptying each room in my house to clean, organize and assess what I have. For some spaces, like the garage, that’s a terrifying idea and it may take 2-3 days.

But I think it’s a good idea because you really have no idea how much crap you have until you have to move. Otherwise it just gets shifted around a little at a time (usually to make room for more crap) and until you have to fill boxes and physically move stuff it’s hard to assess.

So I started small: the master bathroom.

This is also coinciding with my new website page currently under construction with a whole house tour. I hate putting up bad pictures and most areas in my house have not been photographed or the photos are so out of date I refuse to use them.

So as I clean and organize I also take fresh pictures so I can finish the house page soon.

Tools I recommend:

boxes for donation and relocated items, a bunch of rags, cleaning spray and newspaper (to clean the glass)

coffee, music on the iPad, a friend to chat with on the phone.

I started by emptying the room:

including clearing off the counters, moving towels and rugs out and the dog water bowl. The only things that stayed were hanging on the wall or in the shower. I have a tension rod shower organizer that is a pain to install so it stays.

Despite the room being empty I did not deep clean the room. I simply wiped down the shelves and drawers and cleared the dust on the counter top. I did Windex the mirror but the floor is still pretty dusty. Really, the focus was to clean up the stuff, not the space.

I used the master bedroom to spread everything out and start sorting, pulling together like items so I could see how much I had. Some things I still have too much – like 3 boxes of unopened toothpaste. Seeing as how I have six tubes of half used toothpaste, I choose to donate the new ones.

Other things just need to migrate back to the other bathroom or another room in the house. A box full, in fact. I found old glasses to donate and a lot of make up that I will never wear again that got trashed.

This organizer holds most of my crap and is a leftover from college. From make up to contact lenses, I use a lot of little white baskets to keep everything organized in here.

Top cabinet has jewelry, makeup, soap, lotion, etc all organized and streamlined. I didn’t take before pictures but I estimate about 30% of my “stuff” is either in the pile to donate or already in the trash.

Under the sink is mostly towels, hair dryer, etc while the drawers hold the things I use daily (toothbrush, floss, soap, hair brush). Someday soon I hope to replace the towel rods in this room – I’m looking for a set to match the new dark brown mirror and until then towels hang over the shower stall and behind the door.

And yes, this is one of the reasons I don’t freak out about cleaning anymore. As soon as I get the room “camera ready” you can see above that the dogs drink the water and drool all over the rug and shed all over the clean floor.

Oh well, my trash cans have *gasp* trash in them, the dogs slobber and my sink never stays clean of toothpaste for more than a day and I still feel accomplished! Besides, isn’t he cute?





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