Photo Wall : Origins

I’m slowly working on prints for my master bedroom wall after moving furniture around in my bedroom (the bookshelf went to the other side of the room). Basically I started with a blank slate:

thanks to my Dad installing these awesome lights from Ikea as part of my Christmas gift last year. But I can’t stand a blank canvas so I started adding framed prints on the wall.


The frame came from a consignment store I also ordered a mat for the picture frame from Michael’s. It’s a large print of this pic:

The print was $27, the mat was $17 and the frame was $14 so the entire project was less than $60.

I’m working on adding more frames to the wall and selecting more of my favorite prints.

I end up putting a lot of holes in the wall as I buy more frames and shuffle things around but since I’ll be prepping and painting the room soon enough all those holes will get covered up.

Since I’ve been collecting frames I’ve decided to group them by color in each room.

The guest room gets the crisp white frames:

The office gets the silver frames:

And all the black frames go up in the master bedroom (I’ll be spray painting the ones that need touch up):

This large print is okay, not great and has the Tolkien quote ‘not all who wander are lost. Ug. Basically I’ll be replacing that as soon as possible but the print and frame were only $8 and needs a little bit of touching up.

I finally picked up some black spray paint so I’m working on a few other frames in the garage.

The large frame on the far right is going to be sanded and painted black. I’m working on finding the perfect canvas print to add to the frame. I’ll be filling in a few more medium and small black frames and printing photos soon.

And one of these days I’ll actually get the scaffold, prep the room, clean and texture the ceiling and paint the walls.

One day…


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