Thrift Decor

I’m more than accepting of the fact that I’m weird. Odd. Color outside the lines, so to speak. So while seeing those magazine perfect photos like this are fun:

I can’t help but see this:

and that makes me a little nauseous. So while I see some things that I think are pretty or would be nice to collect I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Or much money at all.

Enter: the perfect compromise.

By shopping for older things I find the best of both worlds, cute things for my house and no sizable dent in the wallet. Like this great bookshelf that I bought for $5 then stained.

Right now it’s sitting next to my swinging bench on the front patio:

along with my $1 Sun Tea jar, a plant holder from Ikea that was $4 and a great vintage basket for my books and magazines that was $8.

It means that I can spray paint or stain the things I find, it’s okay if they’re dirty to start or imperfect. I don’t have to have the perfect thing and pay a ton of money for the magazine perfect look.

I’ve found some fun things lately like two new picture frames that were $3 each and this milk glass collection

The short one on the left came from my Grandma’s house, the largest one was $2 and the the smaller ones were $1 each. Very pretty and easy to store in the garage until I get fresh flowers cut. A nice collection to round out what I already had for $4.

I’m still working on the wall of pictures in my master bedroom, I prefer to use my own prints from my town or travels like this one:

So if I spent $3 on the frame I can buy a custom mat and high quality print and get a great piece of art for under $25.



One thought on “Thrift Decor

  1. nicely said. Plus you had the fun of putting it all together yourself. And if you change your mind you don’t have guilt for not wanting something anymore as our tastes do change. I am in the process of getting rid of things that 15 years ago I loved dearly. No remorse ( or at least not a lot) because I didn’t break the bank to get it in the first place and I enjoyed it all those years.

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