I love company

Later this month I’ll get to play host to a good friend of mine who is braving the Sacramento heat to hang out for the weekend. Yay! I love company, especially because it gives me a kick in the pants to get done the half finished projects around my house and do some of the regular cleaning that just plain needs to get done. Vacuuming anyone?

While I don’t think I’ll be able to train Jackson not to hate strangers in the days before this visit, I can definitely freshen up the guest room, make sure Nixon hasn’t dragged my shoes all over the house and put out the pretty guest towels.

And yes, while my parents do visit often they are so low maintenance it’s laughable. Food? Nah, we’ll just take Grandpa out for dinner. Cleaning? The dogs will track in more dirt soon anyway. About the only prep work I do before Mom and Dad visit is to stock the fridge with Dad’s beer if he’s working (and I always put him to work!).

I’ve even offered to host old school Disney night at my house for some friends who would appreciate Bambi, Hercules and the Sword in the Stone just so I can clean house.

I’m not that weird that I love cleaning but I need a good reason to actually do it. Therefore, I love company.

Now. Who wants to visit Casa Kelly?


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