Ballgames and Barking Dogs

Last weekend was a blur! Saturday found me finally catching up on some sleep since it was cool enough to rest and my bed is just so comfy after the alarm goes off. I put the dogs outside and then brought them back in for some extra zzzzzs.

Nixon did not appreciate the extra time and decided to chew off his harness in protest. By the time I let him out of the cage again he was nekkid.

After grabbing an old collar from the garage all dogs were once again collared with tags. The rest of the day is kinda a blur. I know I worked for a few hours, watched some movies, talked with friends and cleaned but nothing big stands out!

Sunday morning I headed to the Bay Area to take my parents to the SF Giants / NY Mets game in the city. I had fun watching all the dogs try to get along (Mom’s dog Chase was a little intimidated by Nixon)

We had the picnic lunch I packed at home and then secured the dachshunds in the fenced grassy area of Mom & Dad’s backyard and took off for the game.

Our seats were here in the bleacher section in center field – one of the only places I could buy 3 tickets that wasn’t in the nose bleed section.

And while we spent 95% of the game in the sun (helllllo sunburn!) it was so much easier to see the pitches and call it as a ball or strike. Much harder when sitting at an angle behind the catcher!

The Giants were great, winning 4-2 and 25,000 fans received Buster Posey bobbleheads! Mom and Dad seemed to have fun and it was a great way to celebrate Dad’s (belated) birthday.

When we got home from the game to find one or more of the dogs had conspired to open the gate and all of the pups were out and co-mingled. Up until now I’ve kept Nixon and Jackson separate just in case Jackson tried to be the alpha dog and injured Nixon.

I’m hoping to avoid emergency vet visits this year.

But there were no problems whatsoever and the dogs were all getting along although Chase and Wilson (who are twins from the same litter) seemed to enjoy ganging up on Nixon.

In other news at home the flowers are blooming:

I’m busy freezing fruit that’s in season for baking later,

and trying to keep the plants watered in this heat wave,

Looking forward to the end of July and all that’s coming up in the next few weeks. I should be back and blogging soon about some projects at home with the rag rug, bench makeover, even some spray paint projects.

Hint: see that yellow paint can in the pic above? It’s one of my finished projects!


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