Wilson Makes A Friend

Recently my friends over at Elliana & Adria’s blog have been busy, you know summer, family visiting, new baby and all. So Wilson and I decided it was a good time to visit and keep big sis Elliana busy for awhile with a walk. Hopefully tire her out for the evening.

Wilson enjoyed trailing after Ellie although her habit of picking up and dropping rocks worried him a little. After a walk around the apartment complex in 100 degree heat we headed back inside for juice and air conditioning.

Wilson’s attention was exciting – when Tres and Ellie come to my house Ellie tends to be more reserved, especially since a big dog like Jackson makes all dogs seem scary.

So doing this on her turf was easier (although Wilson is afraid of the stairs and will not climb them so I had to haul him around a fair bit).

While she was apprehensive at first by the end of the visit Ellie was sharing her sippy cup:

showing Wilson her toys:

giving him a hug while hamming for the camera:

and finally, returning the favor to lick him back. Ewww. No picture of that but we did discourage further dog grooming.

While Ellie wasn’t as tired as we hoped from the excursion it worked for Wilson! He slept all the way home and immediately passed out on the sofa. Toddlers are exhausting.


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