Busy Weekend Post

Saturday was my semi-annual trip to Ikea followed by collapsing on the couch in exhaustion. I picked up some new things for organization and the garden but didn’t spend too much.

I did take this shelving unit that I picked up for $5 at the Salvation Army  and sanded, cleaned and then stained it:


I already had the stain for the project I’m working on for my swinging bench. Here’s how it turned out:


Since I’ll be replacing all the wood on my bench with similar wood and the same stain I thought they would look great together. And now I have a place to hold my book and iced tea:

The slat for the bench there is so I can measure the wood and starting cutting on the miter saw. Here’s one of my new plants in the Ikea planter:

Flowers that I cut and put into small vases bloomed overnight:

love these!

I’ve also been working on these sheets I got for $2 at the Salvation Army:

They’re twin extra long which means just odd enough sized that it won’t fit my guest room bed. After taking out the seams I began to tear it into strips:

And then rolled up the strips into balls:

all in the process of making a rag rug for the guest room in blues and greens.




4 thoughts on “Busy Weekend Post

  1. I’ll definitely add another post as I work on the rug! I have one from my great-grandmother so I’m trying to duplicate the design with new colors.

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