Financial Fridays

do you have a day of the week when you focus on money? get everything in order? I really think I should otherwise all the days run together and then ‘was that bill due yesterday?’ happens.

Yesterday was pretty close to being my financial catch up day of the MONTH. here’s why:

  • I balanced my checkbook after 3 weeks
  • transferred money to savings
  • tallied how much I owe Mom for my part of the phone bill
  • filled up the Toyota with gas
  • got coffee with sbx gift card
  • withdrew my July cash
  • picked up books at the library book sale
  • borrowed a miter saw from my cousin
  • dropped off my water and gas/electric bills here in town
  • confirmed my mortgage payment was drafted as scheduled

I found some great deals at the book sale, I’m still pretty excited. Like 21 Dr. Seuss hardcovers for $2! Or 40 volumes of Shakespeare for $10? Ridiculously cheap.

Next up I need to pay my quarterly taxes, send my payment for the Cadillac, and update my savings goals now that we’re halfway through the year.


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