Never Again

It’s getting late on Sunday night and I’m contemplating my weekend and what I’ve accomplished and not. You may recall my ambitious to do list that I created and I’ll update progress on that momentarily.
Since some of my fast talkin’ friends are now blog subscribers this is an efficient way to update – woo hoo!

This old swinging bench came from my Mom’s parent’s house here in town when they moved to assisted living. Grandpa would take his coffee out and sit for hours in the morning or afternoon watching the cars go by, waving to neighbors and basically enjoying retirement. The bench was one of the first places I learned to sit down, shut up and just relax. Nothing to do but watch the sun set and wait for the cops to start cruising.

But even with pillows, the bench had seen better days with one slat completely missing and another broken, I knew it was just a matter of time before being an all weather porch made this a death trap.

So off to Home Depot I went to buy wood, wood stain and a few other things for the house and garden. I ended up with string for my string trimmer, white paint for baseboards, flowers, succulents and herbs, and boards that are just slightly too big. Both too long and too wide.

I also left with a huge headache.

But Home Depot wasn’t as bad as Costco. I’d stopped by on Saturday to add fuel to the Jeep but went back to get more dog food on Sunday.

Never again.

Apparently I forgot the hell which is club membership shopping on weekends after 18 months of enjoying a flexible work schedule that included at least one day or afternoon off each week.

The children. The samples. The ‘park my basket in the middle of an aisle to contemplate regular or french cut green beans’ people. And though I was tempted to use my mega cart weighted with dog food to clear the path of children and small adults who would dart as if their life depended on it for the dixie cup full of trail mix and make my way to the check out… somehow I survived.

It wasn’t even a holiday weekend.

Such shopping makes me cranky. Plus it was nearing 150 degrees and the Jeep has black leather seats.

One Starbucks passion fruit lemonade later and I was back at home to cool down. Using rubbermaid tubs and the closet door I removed from my bedroom, I set up a painting area. Now with 80′ of baseboards to paint and 65′ of wood for the swing to cut, sand and stain I’ve got a lot of work to do this summer.

I did manage to get one section of the rain gutters cleaned and – shock of all shocks – it’s not too terrible when it hasn’t been raining! The leaves and sticks have totally dried out and can be picked up in clumps, even scooped with a thin trowel into a bucket. A complete different experience than removing sopping wet, stinky, black leaves and slush from the gutters mid-winter all the while fearing my ladder would slip on the wet ground and I would fall to my death covered in stinky leaves.

Not saying it was all fun and games, I still hate the height and know if I were to lose my balance the gutters would fall off the house with the slightest amount of pressure.

But I’ll probably move round the house and finish the gutters in the next week or so, especially now that I know it’s not a completely disgusting job.

I’d rather be planting flowers though:

Unfortunately I didn’t finish the backyard flower gardens project, filling in with mulch and top soil. And although I dragged out a box of rocks for my neighbor they left a note in the box saying they’d found prettier rocks to use. Oh-kay. I will be pulling a few out for a project in the garden some time this week if the weather doesn’t get too sweltering.

The dog crates arrived and were super simple to set up. 1 minute tops. I moved Jackson’s large crate to the garage where it’s in the path of the fan out there. Then put the smaller crates on a thick blanket in front of the fireplace. No furniture had to be moved after all!


The dogs – an update

So I’ve yet to put all 3 dogs in the same space uncrated. It’s been less than a week since Nixon came home with me so I do want to give them plenty of time to get used to and ignore each other before letting them play together.

Jackson is cranky per usual but has been doing well in his crate in the garage. If I leave the door open as I work in and out of the yard he’s completely fine. I suppose because he can watch the street and make sure he sees me every few minutes.

Wilson is getting used to having another small dog around more often. They play and chase in the yard, sometimes up and down the hallway. And Wilson is getting used to his own crate although he looks at me as if to say ‘uh, I’m a lap dog…”

And Nixon is settling in. He’s accepted the cage as home and when I don’t let him on the couch that’s where he goes to sleep. He’s eating in the crate and when he’s bored carries around the bowl until I get him a chew toy. Saturday I took both dachshunds to the front yard and secured them to the  swing while I planted flowers. They did not like being even a few feet away.

cute huh? I’ll be taking them out for more walks and jaunts in the yard so they get used to the experience and don’t whine the whole time. Even when I was sitting next to the bench repotting flowers and such they wanted to be sitting in my lap.

So even if I didn’t accomplish everything I got a good start and had plenty of time to play with the dogs and, dare I say, relax a little.


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