Weekend Work

I’ve been thinking of projects I can get done this Saturday and I think I’ve got a pretty good list. All require me to stick pretty close to home since I also have a new puppy who is still integrating with the older dogs.

Porch Swing – buy the wood to replace slats, paint or stain. Sand the arm rests and paint or stain to match. I may also spray paint the base because it’s looking pretty rough. If so I’ll need to really clean it up and sand.

Gutters – are falling off the house. Need to drag out the ladder and get the leaves from winter cleared out so they don’t come crashing down. icky, icky job.

Rocks – from the small plot next to the front door are just sitting in the garage gathering spiders. Some will go to my neighbor who is creating a line between our lawns and some need to be arranged in my flower bed under the hose so I don’t have to roll up my hose in the dirt.

Fill dirt & mulch – I’m 4/10th of the way through distributing top soil in the backyard and need to finish that up as well. One half will be getting dried lawn clippings as a layer of mulch, the other half gets shredded paper. It also requires I finish pulling weeds, trimming roses and clean up any dog surprises.

Baseboards – if I can find a cheap/affordable set of saw horses then I’ll begin painting the boards for the house. I have 80′ to do and they’re already primed but I am loathe to set them up on anything weak or to crouch on the floor for a few hours to paint.

Crates- the new dog crates arrive today so I hope to have them assembled tonight and then I’ll need to rearrange furniture this weekend to make the living room work again. Thinking of putting one of the smaller crates in the office but it’s a lot of furniture moving and I don’t want to kill my back.

Okay, I know this post is short on pictures and that will be remedied this weekend but for now a shot of the new puppy:


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