A Thing A Day

While I aspire to a house that’s clean, organized, pretty and simple, the truth is the place most often looks like this:

and it’s kinda blurry like this too since I’m always running around!

So lately I’ve been reading Unclutterer, the blog and forums and found a great challenge to remove A Thing A Day from my home. Typically I go through spurts but I definitely need to get more consistent and deliberate about this.

After overcoming my belief that I can only start challenges on the first of the month and that there should be rules, I just decided to start.

In the last month or so I’ve been gathering things in the garage and today I took a car full to the Salvation Army. In addition to 3 boxes of clothes and shoes I got rid of kitchen cups, an old bag, my old desk chair and some old broken CD players.

As I keep cleaning and organizing I’m finding more that I can donate.

Sometimes I don’t know why I save things, like a dozen little plastic tubs from food. Then on weeks like this last one I find them extremely useful for painting.

Still, if I want to move in the next few years (and I really, really do) then I need to get rid of a lot of the junk around here that I don’t use. If I can find one thing every day, and some days a lot more, then by the time I’m ready to move there will be 1,000 less things to move.

That’s pretty good motivation.


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